HidrateSpark TAP review and comparison to other ‘Apple Water Bottles’

HidrateSpark TAP Apple Smart Bottle NFC Tag

Apple has recently started selling HidrateSpark water bottles within their stores. These smart bottles automatically record your water consumption and track it within an app, which can also be displayed on an Apple Watch. I put a lot of value on the benefits of staying hydrated and have been happily using HidrateSpark Smart Bottles for…

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A “Zwift for Rowers”: the EXR Rowing App, now also available on Apple TV

I’ve been spending some time lately testing out the EXR Rowing App, which I can best describe as a “Zwift for Rowers”. EXR is able to connect with a variety of rowers to create an online training platform with an excellent variety of workouts, gamification, and virtual locations. The app is now available on Apple TV, in addition to Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows.

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Smart mattress company Eight Sleep adds integration with Peloton, Apple health, and others

Eight Sleep, which makes temperature-adjusting smart mattresses and covers, have announced new integrations on Peloton, Apple Health, Oura, Garmin, and others. With the ability to connect these other fitness and health services, you can now get even more insights into how your body recovers.

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WSJ: Amazon mulling potential Peloton acquisition; ‘other suitors’ also in the running

Update: The Financial Times now reports that Nike has also discussed an acquisition of Peloton. The report also says: “Other buyers are also likely to emerge, said those briefed on the matter, potentially including Apple and large private equity buyers.”

Peloton’s struggles over the last several months have been well-documented, leading to speculation about a potential acquisition by a Big Tech company. While some investors have called on Peloton to consider a sale to Apple, a new report from The Wall Street Journal says that Amazon is expressing interest in a potential deal.

Future App Review: The future of personal training is on your iPhone

The future of personal training is here, and it’s on your iPhone. The Future App is an online personal training service that is designed around both the iPhone and Apple Watch. In fact, Future will even send you an Apple Watch to use if you don’t already have one. This review will cover everything you need to know about the Future app and my experience over the past few months.

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Forrest ghost racer fitness app for rides and runs gains Apple Watch support

Forrest is an intriguing free fitness app for iPhone that lets users turn runs and rides into custom races. And today the app is getting a nice update with Apple Watch support for all the handy features found on the iPhone version like live stats, audio prompts, virtual opponent times, and more.

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Comment: Without smart exercise hardware, Apple Fitness+ is no Peloton killer

During Apple’s fall event, the company announced Fitness+, a new subscription service with deep integration with Apple Watch that became available on December 14th, 2020.

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Apple Fitness+ vs. Peloton digital: Which service is best for workouts in 2021?

Apple Fitness+ was unveiled at Apple’s September Apple Watch event, but a specific arrival date wasn’t shared. It’s now been announced that the personalized fitness service based around Apple Watch will be available on December 14. If you’re looking to add in a new workout routine for 2021, you might be asking which service is best: Apple Fitness+ vs. Peloton?

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Comment: Could a Fitness+Kit API allow Apple to compete against Peloton?

After Apple announced Fitness+, it became the talk of the connected fitness community with comparisons to Peloton. I argued that it only competes with Peloton Digital, but with a Fitness+Kit API, Apple could become a Peloton competitor.

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Apple announces Fitness+, a new workout subscription service

At Apple’s new product event, Apple unveiled its new Apple Fitness+ service that is tightly integrated with Apple Watch.

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Comment: Apple Watch integration for Peloton would be a win-win for both companies

GymKit has been around for a couple of years at this point, but we rarely hear anything about it. Occasionally there will be a news story about a hotel chain adding a few thousand compatible treadmills, but that’s about it.

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