Fitbit removing Mac/PC syncing and music transfer this year

One way you synced the very first Fitbit devices was by connecting a dock to your desktop computer and plugging in the tracker. The widespread availability of smartphones has replaced the need for that, and the old “Fitbit Connect” app is going away this year, along with local music sync.

Tonal will shut down Los Angeles Studio, focus on new studio in New York

After deciding to cut 35% of its workforce last month, Tonal has announced it will also be shutting down operations at its original Los Angeles Studio. Alongside the closure, coaches based in Los Angeles are also being let go.

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Eight Sleep Pod 3 review: Get ready for your best sleep yet

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 is the latest iteration of its thermoregulating sleep technology. I have spent more than a year using both the Eight Sleep Pod 2 and Pod 3, as well as both the Eight Sleep Mattress and cover versions. So in this review, I will share both my experience with Eight Sleep as well as the differences between each product.

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Renpho Smart Jump Rope review

Of all the products we’ve used and reviewed here at Connect the Watts, this one may be the most polarizing; Renpho’s Smart Jump Rope. Rep counting, digital timer, workout data storage… in a jump rope?! On one side you’ll have people saying it’s unnecessary, and the other saying it’s a must-have. Read on to see where we stand.

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Oura Ring Gen3 makes Blood Oxygen Sensing available

Making good on a feature promised last fall, Oura has rolled out blood oxygen saturation measurements to the Oura Ring Gen3. What Oura is calling “Blood Oxygen Sensing (SpO2),” the feature collects data to track and analyze your blood oxygen levels and breathing regularity while you sleep.

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Peloton patent updates reveal potential new Accuracy Rating and more

Bob Treemore is at it again, having discovered a large number of updated Peloton patents. These changes reveal potential updates to the Peloton leaderboard, pop-ups during classes, and a new accuracy rating.

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Tempo Move price and membership changes are here

Connected fitness company Tempo has announced several significant changes to its price and membership structure. From a new Tempo Move leasing model, elimination of long-term contracts, and launch of one-on-one coaching, there is a lot here to unpack.

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New API hints the Peloton Rower may be released soon

After the Peloton Rower was announced at their Homecoming event in May, there have been no updates about it since. With Peloton’s shift in manufacturing and removal of social media posts mentioning the Peloton Rower, many have anticipated the release may have been delayed.

However, a recent update to the Peloton API hints that may not be the case. The Peloton Rower may still be released later this year.

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CLMBR review – the connected fitness climber!

CLMBR is the first to create a connected fitness experience around a vertical climber. Not only that, but it is also the first company to make a climber look as good as it feels to use. With impressively little floor space needed, CLMBR packs an enormous amount of workout variety that is arguably more effective and functional than other options.

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Aviron Rower’s summer update is live: Here is everything included

The big summer update for the Aviron Rower has now gone live for all members. This update features a Spotify integration, favorites tab, and more. Here is everything that has been included.

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Echelon’s Smart EX-7s fitness bike with 22-inch screen falls to new low of $995 (Save $1,005)

Update: Now down even further, with today’s offer dropping the price to $994.48  in order to marks a new all-time low. That’s over $1,005 off the going rate and $479 below our previous mention.

Amazon is now offering the Echelon Smart Connect EX-7s Fitness Bike for $1,473.03 shipped. Normally fetching $2,000, today’s offer amounts to the very first price cut to date at $527 off since it debuted last December while delivering a new all-time low. Sporting quite a few upgrades over other Smart Connect bikes in the Echelon stable, the new EX-7s arrives with all of the usual access to on-demand classes and curated workout experiences. Where it steps up from other models is the built-in 22-inch rotating screen that can flip over for guiding you through additional non-biking exercises. There’s also an improved pro-style vented seat that goes alongside 32 levels of magnetic resistance and padded handlebars. Over at Connect the Watts, you can get a better idea of what to expect from a recent Echelon review.

Here are the Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 with slick, refined designs [Gallery]

9to5Google reported that Fitbit is working on a pair of new smartwatches in March and two months later revealed the product names, as well some elements of the design. We now have a detailed look at the Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4.

Peloton Tread+ may feature new safety tech upon re-release

Recent patents reveal new safety tech that could possibly be included with an upcoming rerelease of the Peloton Tread+. Discovered by Bob Treemore, two new treadmill safety patents have been filed by Peloton’s primary manufacturer, Rexon, in Taiwan.

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Liteboxer Go review – a missed hit

Liteboxer Go is a connected fitness, boxing rhythm workout that has you punching after six targets, timed to the rhythm of various songs. It’s sort of like Dance Dance Revolution, but for your upper body.

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Apple created the ultimate guide for how Apple Watch and Health are improving lives

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said before that the company’s greatest contribution to mankind will likely be health-related. And over the past decade, Apple has made impressive strides in new health and fitness features, partnerships with the medical community, and more. Now Apple has released a comprehensive guide on how Apple Watch, iPhone, and Apple Health are empowering people to live healthier lives and how it envisions the future of its most important work.

Fitbit updates Charge 5 with GPS battery drain fix and ‘Find Phone’ app, Fitbit Luxe too [U]

Fitbit is rolling out an update to the Charge 5 today to add a “Find Phone” capability that was previously exclusive to its line of smartwatches.

NordicTrack offers free fitness equipment with extended membership

NordicTrack is now offering free fitness equipment with an extended four-year membership. This new program, called NordicTrack+, is one of best deals ever offered by this Peloton rival. The $39 monthly membership can be paid month-to-month over four years, or for a one time purchase of $1,872.

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Peloton Studio Grand Reopening set for August 19

Peloton has set august 19 for its Grand Reopening with both Peloton Studios New York and Peloton Studios London. After a soft reopening last month, it seems Peloton is almost ready for the studios to be fully open to the public.

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SOMNOX 2 review: Is the sleep robot worth it?

Of course, the idea of sleeping with a robot is pretty strange. However, the SOMNOX 2 is based on solid sleep science, and the tech here is first class. While expensive, the SOMNOX 2 can provide huge benefits for those with sleep or anxiety issues.

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RENPHO Eye Massager review

Here at Connect the Watts, we love tech. We love tech so much, you’ll be hard pressed to ever catch us away from a screen … even when we are working out. All this screen time takes a toll. The RENPHO Eye Massager is meant to relieve the eye strain and alleviate the tension that…

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Tonal joins Peloton with decision for massive layoffs

With a slowing demand and in preparation for a possible recession, Tonal has decided to cut 35% of its workforce. This follows Peloton’s recent decision to lay off an additional 570 jobs (now over 3,000 this year) as they move to outsource all of their manufacturing. Tonal currently employs about 750 people today, which is almost seven times the amount before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Normatec 3 in-depth review and comparison [video]

Normatec has updated its popular compression boots with the newly released Normatec 3. The Normatec 3 features a refreshed design, reduced weight, increased battery life, and professional level customization. Best of all, the price has been lowered as well.

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COROS VERTIX 2 review: Big battery and big price tag

After reviewing the COROS PACE 2 (which I loved, by the way), I immediately wanted to try out the the company’s premium GPS watch: the COROS VERTIX 2.

Given that the VERTIX 2 is currently three times the price of the PACE 2, I was curious to see how much more it offered and what additional features could justify such a large jump in price. Over a month later, here is what I found.

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Peloton to outsource all manufacturing of its bikes and treadmills

Today, Peloton has announced that it will stop making their own bikes and treadmills, and instead seek to outsource all manufacturing. CEO Barry McCarthy said this is will allow the company to simplify its supply chain and fix its cost structure.

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Peloton shifts production, enlists help of Apple suppliers

Peloton has made recent changes, one of which includes stopping the production of its workout equipment at its own facilities. Since then, the company now relies on other companies for manufacturing, some being notable Apple suppliers.

New Hydrow Wave Rower releases at $1,000 less than the original

Today, Hydrow is launching their brand new rower, called the Hydrow Wave, for $1,000 less than the original. At $1,495, the Hydrow Wave rowing machine addresses two barriers that previously were an issue for many potential buyers: cost and space.

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New NordicTrack Elite Treadmill features huge 32″ HD touchscreen

Today, NordicTrack has released their new “Elite Treadmill” featuring over 40 degrees of incline and a huge 32″ HD touchscreen. The NordicTrack Elite Treadmill is essentially an upgraded X32i with a new name, similar to the upgraded X22i we reviewed earlier this year.

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Peloton Tread vs. NordicTrack 2450: A tough choice!

Given their similarities in both look and price, choosing between the Peloton Tread and NordicTrack 2450 can be tough. To help make the choice easier, I have put together a comprehensive list with over a dozen differences between the two treadmills.

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My Peloton Rower wish list [video]

Peloton gave a teaser of an upcoming rower during their Homecoming event last May. Since no additional details have so far been given, I went ahead and put together my own Peloton Rower wish list.

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COROS adds new public beta enrollment in latest update

COROS is adding several new features, as well as a new public beta enrollment, for their latest firmware update. The new features being added to COROS’ lineup of smart GPS watches include improved app sync optimization, new distance units for the workout builder, Trail Run label support for Strava, and more.

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Peloton expands Power Zone program with additional instructors

Peloton has expanded their popular Power Zone training program with two additional instructors: Sam Yo and Erik Jäger. Unlike Peloton’s other classes, members taking Power Zone workouts focus on staying in their individualized zones.

The addition of Sam and Erik brings the Power Zone roster up to six instructors – twice the size it was one year ago.

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Peloton removes video chat feature on Peloton Bike, Bike+, and Tread

As of today, Peloton has removed the video chat feature on the Peloton Bike, Bike+, and Tread. Previously, members who had added each other as friends on Peloton could start a video chat if taking the same class. While Peloton mentioned this feature would be taken away last week in comments on their Facebook group, the video chat feature has now finally been taken down.

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Liteboxer launches new “Liteboxer Go” shadowboxing program with punch-tracking sensors

Liteboxer has launched a new shadowboxing program, Liteboxer Go, which uses punch tracking sensors that strap around users’ wrists. Utilizing Liteboxer’s full workout library, Liteboxer Go allows users to shadowbox anywhere they have access to a TV, tablet, or smartphone.

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From Apple Watch to Peloton: the best fitness tech in 2022

I have tested and reviewed over 50 pieces of home fitness tech this past year. From smart wearables like the Apple Watch, to indoor bikes like Peloton, there are a ton of great options to choose from. With so much to choose from, it can sometimes be hard figuring out which should take a priority.

To help you out, I have created tier list for the best fitness tech in 2022.

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New Altis AI fitness trainer is like a Peloton Guide on ‘roids

Altis, a connected fitness technology company, is launching today what may be the most advanced AI fitness trainer currently available. Similar to the Peloton Guide, Altis utilizes cameras with computer vision which plug directly into a television or monitor. However, compared to the Peloton Guide, Altis offers a significant amount of beefed up AI tech and features.

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COROS VERTIX 2 – complete guide for beginners [video]

The COROS VERTIX 2 is an advanced gps watch with an enormous amount of included features. We put together this COROS VERTIX 2 Watch beginners guide to help you learn everything you need to know. Check it out below!

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Home Fitness vs. Gyms | The Weekly Watt

Here we are with another episode of the Weekly Watt, the podcast where we discuss the latest news and updates in connected fitness.

This week, Laura and Colin talk about the upcoming Apple Watch fitness updates, the new Normatec 3 compression system, Peloton bringing back in-person studio rides, and something strange going on with the Peloton Rower.

The topic of the day is home fitness versus gyms. The strengths and weaknesses of each and why some may prefer one over the other.

Listen or watch the episode below!
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The best home boxing workouts: from Peloton to FightCamp

From Peloton to FightCamp to virtual reality boxing workouts like SuperNatural, there are now lots of home boxing programs to choose from. Over the past six months, I have been testing them all with the goal of finding out which home boxing workout is the best.

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Is the Peloton Rower canceled? All public mentions of Peloton Rower removed

Peloton has recently removed all mentions of its recently teased rower, including a post on Twitter and Instagram. This should be concerning for anyone who may have been excited to possibly buy a Peloton Rower later this year.

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Father’s Day fitness tech guide (2022)

Father’s Day is a great excuse to gift Dad some fitness tech that keeps him excited for his workout routine. Our Father’s Day fitness tech gift guide has some of the best deals we will see this summer. No matter if he prefers working out inside or outdoors, there is something here for everyone!

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JAXJOX adds former NFL star, Vernon Davis, as an investor and brand partner

JAXJOX, creator of the recent JAXJOX Interactive Studio, has announced a new partnership with former NFL tight-end and Super Bowl Champion, Vernon Davis. Davis will join JAXJOX as both an investor and brand partner.

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Normatec 3 compression system launches with new upgrades and a lower price!

Hyperice, a leader in the fitness recovery tech, has launched their newly upgraded Normatec 3 compression system today. Not only does the new Normatec 3 have several improvements, but it also is being released at a lower cost than the previous model. You can get the base model (which includes the compression boots) for $799.

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We were in Peloton’s first live studio class in over two years – here’s how it went!

This morning, our own Seth Weintraub traveled to Peloton HQ and participated in their first live studio class in over two years. Immediately after the 30-minute ride with Peloton instructor Robin Arzón was over, I interviewed Seth to see how it went!

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WHOOP 4.0 long term review: eight months later [Video]

It’s been eight months since I started using the WHOOP 4.0 Armband. While I made an initial review after my first month, this long term review will be a bit different. It can take a bit of time to realize some features you thought were great turn out to be just okay. Likewise, other features that were not very exciting at first sometimes end up becoming a core part of the experience.

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Peloton studios closed one final day to prepare for reopening

Peloton is keeping its NYC and London studios closed for one last day as it prepares for a public reopening. Members will soon have a chance to attend live Peloton classes in person for the first time in more than two years.

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New COROS Pace 2 Blue Steel version released today

Today, COROS is releasing a new version of their popular Pace 2 GPS smartwatch called Blue Steel. This is the first new permanent color option for the Pace 2 since it was first released in 2020.

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The best fitness features coming to the Apple Watch with watchOS 9

Apple had their big WWDC 2022 keynote today, and in it they revealed tons of new fitness features coming to the Apple Watch. WatchOS 9, which will be released later this year, will include new running metrics, a custom workout builder, triathlete support, sleep phase detection, and more.

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Aviron Rower review: a workout for gamers!

A perfect workout program for gamers? In this Aviron Rower review, we will cover everything you should know before you decide to buy. Aviron has created a well-designed rower designed around games and entertainment that has kept me hooked. Read (or watch) below to get the full scoop.

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