FORME Studio in-depth review

The FORME Studio is the Rolls Royce of smart fitness mirrors.

Taller and wider than the competition, FORME Studio has the largest and best picture 4k touchscreen display, multiple high def cameras to allow for fantastic and nuanced 1:1 training, the largest and fastest internal computer, and it is the first smart mirror to come with upgradable options to become a barre studio or even a full on smart strength studio similar to that of Tonal. 

I’ve spent six weeks testing out the FORME Studio so that I can give you the most accurate, most in-depth overview possible.

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FORME announces exclusive partnership with Barry’s

Connected fitness manufacturer FORME has just announced an exclusive partnership with Barry’s that will be the first available content from the newly announced Barry’s X digital library. This is the first time Barry’s has collaborated with any connected fitness platform and will showcase the Barry’s X content library across all FORME Studios.

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Best connected fitness products for the whole family

Few industries saw as much growth as the connected fitness segment during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the circumstances were less than ideal, we learned that we can still work and workout efficiently from the comfort of our homes. With that said, it’s definitely easier to get a solid workout in at a gym where your kids aren’t stepping in your way or pulling on your pant leg. Luckily, several connected fitness products offer workouts that your entire family can participate in. Here’s a list of some of the best to check out.

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Smart home gym comparison: Tonal vs. Tempo and more

As a global pandemic accelerated an already booming home fitness industry, consumers are seeing more and more tech-savvy home gym options available to them. We at CTW continue to widen our focus and detail as many of these products for our readers. This includes products like the Tonal, Tempo, FORME’s Studio Lift, and NordicTrack’s Fusion CST. Each of these connected home gyms offers its own unique features and design. Let’s begin with comparisons of Tonal vs. Tempo and go from there.

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Mirrored fitness comparison: Mirror vs. Echelon Reflect and more

As the market for connected fitness and available home fitness products, we want to widen our spotlight and showcase as many products as possible. One of the growing fitness realms is mirrored fitness. Products like the Mirror, Echelon Reflect, ProForm VUE, NordicTrack VAULT, and FORME Studio all offer workout content where you can also simultaneously view your own form. While they may look similar, they each offer their own unique features and design. Let’s take a look at Mirror vs. Echelon’s offerings, and compare some others as well.

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