Nix Hydration Biosensor review – a revolutionary tool for endurance athletes

Studies have shown that up to 87% of endurance athletes become physically impaired during their workouts and competitions due to dehydration, despite ample access to fluids. Considering the rate at which we lose fluids and electrolytes varies significantly from one person to another, this should not be surprising.

That is why the release of the Nix Hydration Biosensor has the potential to be a revolutionary tool for endurance athletes. Read on to watch/read our full review.

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HidrateSpark TAP review and comparison to other ‘Apple Water Bottles’

Apple has recently started selling HidrateSpark water bottles within their stores. These smart bottles automatically record your water consumption and track it within an app, which can also be displayed on an Apple Watch. I put a lot of value on the benefits of staying hydrated and have been happily using HidrateSpark Smart Bottles for…

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