Is Peloton headed to France next?

Peloton France

During a town hall today hosted by Club Industry, the new GM of Peloton Commercial (and CEO at Precor, which Peloton now owns), Rob Barker, briefly mentioned that French language classes were on their way to Peloton. No timeline or other details were provided, but given the company’s international growth goals and upcoming entry into Australia, is Peloton headed to France next?

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Kemtai: A new web-based fitness app and ‘Tempo’ competitor

There’s a new online fitness app jumping into the highly competitive connected fitness space: Kemtai. Kemtai promises to transform your laptop or desktop into an advanced, motion-tracking digital personal trainer, complete with real-time personalized feedback and guidance.

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KrowdFit announces new cash-back wellness incentive program

KrowdFit​, the enterprise cash-back wellness incentive program in the US and Canada, has released a rewards program for individuals. Unlike traditional wellness programs that focus on granting prize money for weight loss, KrowdFit rewards its users with cash every Monday for engaging in daily wellness activities, such as mindfulness, healthy sleep, steps, food logging, and physical activity.

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