Strava data shows that women’s outdoor exercise drops when the sun is down

woman with white sunvisor running

Love those predawn or evening outdoor workouts? Well, let’s be honest, if you’re a woman, probably not; for many women, exercising when the sun isn’t up just isn’t worth the risk. And now Strava has culled data from its nearly 95 million users to confirm what we’ve always known: Women have a lot more barriers to working out than men.

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Strava’s year-end data shows the hot new sport this year is walking

Strava just released its year-end review with heaps of interesting data on its 95 million subscribers around the world. While the data is obviously specific to Strava users, with a data pool that large, it does shed some light on how people are exercising during yet another tough pandemic year. One big surprise: The new hot sport this year is walking.

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Strava updates their Global Heatmap with 3D Terrain

Strava recently updated their global Heatmap feature with a new option to view the Terrain in 3D. The goal of the 3D view is to allow users to more easily plan out their route with a better visual understanding of the terrain.

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