Apple created the ultimate guide for how Apple Watch and Health are improving lives

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said before that the company’s greatest contribution to mankind will likely be health-related. And over the past decade, Apple has made impressive strides in new health and fitness features, partnerships with the medical community, and more. Now Apple has released a comprehensive guide on how Apple Watch, iPhone, and Apple Health are empowering people to live healthier lives and how it envisions the future of its most important work.

Review: Revisiting the Lumen metabolic analyzer with Apple Health integration

It’s been two years since the pocket-sized Lumen metabolic analyzer launched with a thoughtful iOS app and Apple Health integration. Over the last month, I’ve been using the device again to test out updates like a new food/macro log and Apple Watch app, along with a desire to be more intentional with my nutrition and exercise.

What is Apple Watch heart rate recovery? Here’s why it’s important and how to use it

Like HRV and VO2 max, heart rate recovery is a lesser-known health metric that’s tracked by Apple Watch. Follow along for how to see your Apple Watch heart rate recovery data, why it’s valuable, what good heart rate recovery numbers look like, and some tips on improving it.

Forrest ghost racer fitness app for rides and runs gains Apple Watch support

Forrest is an intriguing free fitness app for iPhone that lets users turn runs and rides into custom races. And today the app is getting a nice update with Apple Watch support for all the handy features found on the iPhone version like live stats, audio prompts, virtual opponent times, and more.

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