Echelon releases Stride, a new auto-fold smart treadmill

Echelon, seen by many as one of Peloton’s strongest competitors, has released a new smart treadmill called Echelon Stride.

Amazon Echelon

[Update: Amazon denies partnership and cancels orders] Amazon enters connected bike market with Echelon partnership

In a statement to Forbes, Amazon has denied the partnership with Echelon.

Echelon Peloton

Echelon challenges Peloton’s patent claims

Peloton has been using its chest of patents to keep competitors from encroaching on its market share in recent months. After it put Flywheel out of business (and offered its customers a free trade-in), Peloton has turned its attention to Echelon. Echelon, who is headquartered in my hometown of Chattanooga, TN offers a similar product to Peloton’s bike with ditching the built-in screen in favor of an iPad. I reviewed it earlier this year over on 9to5Mac.

Echelon Hydrow Peloton

Does Peloton have an untouchable lead over competitors?

Over at Thinknum, a recent article looks at Peloton’s competitors, if they can catch Peloton, and what the future of connected fitness looks like going forward.