Connected Fitness Memorial Day Sale Guide: Mirror, Hydrow, Tempo, Nordictrack and more

Fitness Tech Memorial Day

Connected Fitness Tech is on SALE this Memorial Day weekend. So this page will cover all of the discounts, updated throughout the weekend, for those of you looking to make some new additions to your home gym. Hydrow, Mirror, Tempo, Nordictrack, FitBit, Echelon, MYX Fitness, and more are all on discount!

Hydrow ($300 off here)

The Hydrow Rower is often referred to as the “Peloton of Rowers” because of its sleek design and daily world-class live and on-demand classes. Its electromagnetic design makes rowing as smooth as ever, and if you want to get develop a great workout routine alongside world class rowers, you cannot go wrong with the Hydrow.

Mirror ($250 off here with code “may250”)

The original fitness “Mirror” offers Cardio, Strength, Yoga, Boxing, Pilates, and Barre Fitness classes. It’s a great way to sneak a fitness device into a room as it also functions like a traditional mirror when not in use.

Echelon (15% off here)

Echelon has an entire line of Connected Fitness Bikes, Rowers, Treamills, and even a Mirror. All of which have new classes each week, and all of which seem to be on sale for Memorial Day weekend.

Nordictrack ($100-$200 off select devices here)

Nordictrack makes one of the largest line of Connected Fitness devices in the world alongside its top-notch iFIT platform. Not all of its devices are on sale, but it’s worth taking a look to see if any of them are what you are looking for.

MYX Fitness ($300 off + free shipping here)

Having recently merged with Beachbody and SPAC, the MYX bikes are on sale this weekend for $300 off and free shipping. If you have been looking to get one of these bikes, I don’t believe there has ever been this large a discount.

Tempo Studio ($400 off here)

The Tempo Studio is one of the highest rated connected fitness strength programs on the market, which 3D sensors to help detect and give cues to improve your form. $400 off is also the largest discount of any brand this weekend. Note: I’m not including some that count free shipping towards that number since I’m pretty most of these devices regularly have free shipping.

Polar Ignite and Polar Vantage M (30% off here with code: SPRING30)

These two popular smart watch devices both have pretty decent discounts this weekend, with 30% off of each. If you’ve been eyeing a new Heartrate Monitor or wearable fitness tracker from Polar, this is a good opportunity to pick one up.

FitBit Sense ($50 off here)

This is actually a Father’s Day discount, but we might as well include it here since it is already up. FitBit’s advanced smartwatch includes tools for stress management, heart health, SpO2, skin temperature & includes a six-month premium trial.

Schwinn IC4 ($100 off here):

The Schwinn IC4 is designed to work with a tablet so you can ride to Peloton, Apple Fitness, iFIT, or any other digital bike classes you enjoy. All at a significantly cheaper price point.

REP Fitness (15-25% off here):

REP Fitness might not sell a lot of connected fitness devices, but they do sell a lot of equipment that you may need for you Digital classes. Dumbbells, kettlebells, medballs, benches and more are all on sale for Memorial Day weekend.

Amazon ($52 off AirPods Pro here)

Amazon will likely have several connected fitness devices and accessories on sale this weekend. It is worth keeping your eye out, and I will update this last section with any items I find there this weekend.

Good luck on expanding your home fitness gym this weekend during the many Memorial Day sales!

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