Mirrored fitness comparison: Mirror vs. Echelon Reflect and more

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As the market for connected fitness and available home fitness products, we want to widen our spotlight and showcase as many products as possible. One of the growing fitness realms is mirrored fitness. Products like the Mirror, Echelon Reflect, ProForm VUE, NordicTrack VAULT, and FORME Studio all offer workout content where you can also simultaneously view your own form. While they may look similar, they each offer their own unique features and design. Let’s take a look at Mirror vs. Echelon’s offerings, and compare some others as well.

Our reflective contenders

For this comparison, we are evaluating five fitness companies offering a similar product – a fitness mirror. As you’ll soon see, each company’s offering varies in our criteria. Some vary more than others, but they all each share one common trait.

All offer an at-home fitness device centered around a mirror. Speaking of that, we will begin with the company by the same name.


Mirror is the product of founder and CEO Brynn Putnam, a former ballet dancer and founder of Refine Method in NYC. After being founded only a few years ago, Mirror found millions of dollars in early funding, including lululemon in 2019. A year later, in the fall, lululemon athletica inc. ($LULU) acquired Mirror for $500 million.

Unlike most of the other companies on this list, the Mirror product is the only item in its manufacturer’s current repertoire. That being said, Mirror has spared no expense in designing its flagship product.

Aside from being the most affordable product on the list at $1,495, The Mirror offers a diverse library of 50+ genres of fitness classes, all at your disposal for the $39/month membership fee. The device itself also offers flexibility in your home, as it can be mounted to a wall or stand alone on its carbon steel stand.

Additionally, Mirror is the only fitness product in this group to offer 1:1 classes with a personal trainer. They do cost an additional $40 per session, but it’s a huge perk to have the option of a personal trainer in your home virtually if you want it.

Lastly, The Mirror is the only product on the list that is display only, meaning no touch screen. It is controlled entirely by the iOS and Android app. So while it may not be as easy as some devices in reaching out and touching tapping your desired workout, you can worry less about fingerprints all over your mirror when it’s off.

A wall-mounted version of The Mirror

Mirror pros

Lowest price, extensive genres of workouts, 1:1 personal training, free 30-day no hassle trial period.

Mirror cons

No accessories included, membership requires one-year minimum subscription at sign-up, lowest megapixel camera, no touchscreen.

Echelon Reflect

When looking at Mirror vs. Echelon, the latter is a more expansive fitness brand currently offering connected bikes, rowers, and treadmills. Additionally, Echelon has the Reflect, a 50-inch touchscreen fitness mirror.

As a direct competitor to Peloton, Echelon also saw huge growth in sales last year amid a global pandemic. On top of additional funding, Echelon has been able to grow its membership by offering classes led by celebrity Mario Lopez.

At just under 48 inches tall, the Echelon Reflect is the smallest and lightest mirror of the pack. That being said, it is not the smallest price-wise since it currently costs an oddly specific $1,639.98.

As for membership, it’s similar to its competitors at $39.99/month. However, the longer you commit, the more you save. An annual membership will save you $80, while committing to two years will save you around $260. With that said, the Echelon content library is not the most robust of the the group, so you may want to check it out before committing to the long term.

The Echelon Reflect is the only product on this list that must be mounted to a wall, but it does come with a better camera than The Mirror.

The 50″ Echelon Reflect

Echelon Reflect pros

Smallest and lightest footprint, you can work out with Mario Lopez.

Echelon Reflect cons

Must be wall mounted, installation not included, you can work out with Mario Lopez.

FORME Studio

Compared to the others, FORME is the new kid on the connected-fitness block. That’s not saying a lot, considering the block itself is pretty new.

The Studio is the flagship product from FORME and stands out among the others as an innovative fitness product built with lifestyle in mind as it can easily blend into the home as a full-length mirror. At 70 inches tall, the FORME Studio is the second-tallest of the lot.

At $2,495, the Studio is one of the more expensive mirrors on our list, but consumers certainly get plenty for their money. FORME is designed to curate workouts based on a person’s ability, fitness goals, and mood. Each day, it plans a personalized workout based on your preferences and current fitness journey. However, you can go rogue on your own desired workout if you want.

Additionally, FORME utilizes its two stereoscopic cameras and computer vision to provide accurate guidance on form and technique, making training safer. If that’s a little too HAL-9000 for you, no sweat. You can turn this function off.

The FORME Studio is the only mirror to offer a Barre package for an additional fee that includes a ball, socks, and a Barre that attaches directly to the mirror.

Lastly, FORME is also the only fitness company to offer a home gym variant in the Studio Lift. For $2,000 more, customers can add two variable resistance arms and equipment storage, all within the device.

FORME’s Studio with the barre attachment

FORME Studio pros

Largest and highest-definition touchscreen, best camera quality, can be mounted or stand on its own, comes with lots of accessories including HRM, delivery, and white-glove installation included.

FORME Studio cons

Can only connect to FORME-provided heart rate monitor, not compatible with Apple AirPods Pro, second-most expensive on list.

ProForm VUE

ProForm is a subsidiary of ICON Health and Fitness, an established brand with over 40 years of experience in this market. Along with NordicTrack and Freemotion, these fitness products all utilize iFit content, and this includes ProForm’s VUE Mirror.

The VUE from ProForm is a freestanding, rotatable touchscreen mirror with access to iFit’s vast content library. At $1,499, it is just $5 more than The Mirror, but it comes with a bundle of free weights. Another perk is the storage for those weights that tuck slyly behind the back of the unit.

At 22 inches, the VUE has the smallest screen in the group, but there are some perks that make up for it. For one, purchase of a VUE includes a year’s iFit membership. It also comes with a slightly better warranty than Mirror, Echelon, and FORME.

ProForm’s VUE mirror featuring the included barbells

ProForm Vue pros

More affordable, iFit membership included for a year, delivery included.

ProForm Vue cons

Smallest touchscreen, no camera, can’t be mounted, hefty return and restocking fees.

NordicTrack VAULT

You may notice some similarities between the NordicTrack VAULT and the ProForm VUE. Since both fitness brands exist under the ICON umbrella, they share a lot of the same tech. That being said, the NordicTrack VAULT Complete offers the most bang for the most bucks.

At $2,999, the VAULT is the most expensive mirror on the list, but it just might be worth every penny. There is also a standalone VAULT for $1,999, but it’s essentially the ProForm VUE with storage space inside instead of on the back. For the sake of variety, we’re showcasing the Complete VAULT.

On top of being the largest mirror in this group, the VAULT also operates as… well, a vault, storing all the fitness equipment that comes in the Complete package.This includes dumbbells, kettle bells, resistance bands, and yoga blocks that all stack nicely behind the mirror itself.

Like its sibling the VUE, the VAULT also comes with a year’s access to the iFit family membership. That’s valued at nearly $400.

Unfortunately and unlike the others, the VAULT requires a $199 delivery fee. However, at about 260 pounds in its packaging, it might be worth the money to have someone else bring it inside for you.

The NordicTrack VAULT Complete including weights and bands

NordiTrack VAULT Complete pros

Best storage, one year of iFit included, most substantial accessories included, best warranty.

NordiTrack VAULT Complete cons

Largest/bulkiest, can’t be mounted, $199 delivery fee, hefty return and restocking fees, plus no refunds on delivery charges.

Comparison Chart: Mirror vs. Echelon, FORME, and more

MirrorEchelon Reflect (50″)FORME StudioProForm VUENordicTrack VAULT – Complete
Equipment Size52.6″ H x 21.1″ W x 1.7″ D47.75″ H x 24″ W x 2″ D70″ H x 26″ W x 2″ D72.65” H x 24.25” W x 14” D (base)72.65” H x 24.25” W x 14” D
Touchscreen Size40” full HD 1080p (display only)32″ full HD 1080p Touchscreen43″ 4K UHD Touchscreen22″ HD Touchscreen32″ HD Touchscreen
Equipment Price$1,495$1,639.98$2,495$1,499$2,999
Monthly Fee$39/month
(1-year commitment)
$39.99/month, $399.99/annual, $699.99/2 year$39/month Multi-user membership1 year iFit family membership included ($396/year thereafter)1 year iFit family membership included ($396/year thereafter)
Yoga Flow
Cardio Strength
Family fun

Tai Chi
High-energy cardio
Pilates Meditation Dance
Body weight
strength training
Free weight strength training
Cardio Strength training
HIIT training Pilates
Yoga Stretching Recovery
Cardio Strength training
HIIT training Pilates
Yoga Stretching Recovery
Camera5 megapixel8 megapixel2 x 12 megapixelN/AN/A
Bluetooth ConnectivityMost devicesMost devicesFORME HRM only/
Most headphones except AirPods Pro
Most devicesMost devices
Included AccessoriesN/AN/APremium yoga mat
Heart rate monitor
Microfiber towel
Screen camera covers
10 lb. Barbell
(2) 5 lb. Dumbbell Bars
(4) 2.5 lb. Weight Plates
6 Sets of Dumbbells (5-30 lbs.)
2 Custom Kettlebells (20 & 30 Lb.)
Resistance Bands (20, 30, 50 Lb.)
Resistance Loop Bands (Light, Medium, Heavy)
Exercise Mat
Two Yoga Blocks
LayoutBase or wall mountWall mountBase or wall mountSolid baseSolid base
InstallationIncludedN/AWhite glove installation includedN/AN/A
One-on-one personal training$40/sessionN/AAdditional $$ based on program/trainerN/AN/A
Weight70 lbs. 52 lbs.102 lbs.140 lbs.260 lbs.
Return Policy30 days w/ $250 fee (Unless utilizing free 30 day trial)30 days w/ $100 restocking fee30 days w/ $250 return fee30 days w/ $250 shipping fee + 10% restocking fee30 days w/ $250 shipping fee + 10% restocking fee
Warranty1 year parts and labor1 year parts and labor1 year parts and labor2 year frame, 1 year parts and labor10 year frame, 2 year parts, 1 year labor

Mirror vs. Echelon vs. FORME vs. ProForm vs. NordicTrack

As you can see from the exhaustive breakdown above, these products all have their own pros and cons depending on the category that is most important to you, the consumer.

Mirror might have an advantage over Echelon, but not NordicTrack. FORME may have the coolest tech, but not the best price. There is no clear winner in the genre just yet.

Overall, the ProForm VUE provides the most value by including a year membership of iFit along with some free weights to work out with.

That being said, Mirror’s product is about the same price and makes up for what it lacks in accessories in its vast library of class genres.

Products like the FORME Studio and NordicTrack VAULT come at a higher price point, but offer either/and/or a higher-end product and top-notch technology in return.

Hopefully you can utilize this information compiled into one place to help you gauge your own mirror fitness purchase, whether it’s an Echelon Reflect, a Studio, a VUE, or a VAULT.

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