Lululemon’s rebranding of the The Mirror is a much bigger deal than you think

Lululemon Studio

Today, Lululemon has announced a new name for its popular fitness mirror, which was previously called “The Mirror.” The new name is the Lululemon Studio, but the name change is the much smaller story here. It is the new price and membership upgrades that could shake up the entire connected fitness landscape.

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Lululemon vs. Peloton: Athleisure wars rage on

This week the ongoing dispute between Lululemon and Peloton has further escalated with Lululemon’s lawsuit against the fitness company for patent infringement over new designs of its leggings and sports bras. Lululemon accuses Peloton of blatantly ripping off its original designs and claiming them as its own.

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Lululemon’s Mirror unrolls connected weights and Black Friday deals

Lululemon has announced some enticing add-ons to its cutting-edge home fitness system, Mirror, in the form of connected dumbbells and ankle weights. Plus Lululemon is slashing prices on its sophisticated Mirror packages ahead of the holiday season, with a nudge to “shop early” due to supply constraints.

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