Peloton (PTON) adds new e-commerce widget to screen; storefront on the way?

This morning’s Bradley Rose Peloton bike ride came with a surprise at the end. About 60 seconds before the end of the ride, right as the cooldown was starting, a widget popped up on my screen.

While currently rudimentary, Peloton’s long-awaited in-screen advertising and commerce play has begun, just in time for the holidays.

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Peloton Heart Rate Band hands-on review [Video]

Today we take a hands-on look at the new Peloton Heart Rate Armband. Peloton’s previous heart rate monitor was well known to be a cheap, poorly made device (which they still sell for $34). However, this new Peloton armband is strong step in the right direction. You can easily tell that there is a similar design philosophy as used in the recent Peloton Guide.

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I bought every Peloton bike fan… here’s the best one!

If you are wondering which Peloton bike fan to buy, I have you covered. I went ahead and bought every single Peloton bike fan available get to test and figure out which one is the best! Here is what I found:

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Peloton Pivot review: how to rotate your screen on the original Peloton Bike

Today, we’re checking out the Pivot by Top Form Design, which is an attachment made for the original Peloton bike that allows you to rotate the screen a full 360 degrees. 

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First look at Peloton heart rate monitor band with Peloton digital app

Following an earlier report confirming that Peloton will soon release its own heart rate armband, we’ve uncovered further details about how the band pairing works, all hidden within the Peloton digital app.

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Short and tall Peloton riders: The Adjuster is essential [Review]

While I have tried many nice accessories for the Peloton Bike, very few can be considered must-haves. But for short and tall Peloton riders, The Adjuster by Top Form Design is absolutely essential. Now that the brand has released a new version for the Peloton Bike+, I was finally able to review it myself.

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Peloton to celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May

Peloton will be celebrating the heritage of Asian and Pacific Islander people throughout May with themed classes, music, and exclusive apparel. Furthermore, the company is making extended efforts to maintain a welcoming community for all people.

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Hands on: Sync your Apple Watch to Peloton with Watch Link

With Peloton recently removing the ability of Apple Watch users to pair with the Peloton Bike+ for any classes besides cycling, I was on the hunt to discover whether there was any other way to synch my Apple Watch to Peloton.

Luckily, I quickly came across the Watch Link. (See below to get 10% off!)

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Review: Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor for Peloton

I’ve previously written about my frustration with the Peloton branded heart rate monitor, and how I didn’t feel the Peloton accessories back is a great value as you’ll immediately need to replace it. After some research, I upgraded to the Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor.

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Peloton bike accessories pack review: Should you buy it?

When purchasing a Peloton bike, a common question is whether or not to purchase Peloton’s essentials, works, or family packages. After owning a Peloton for a few months, I can see which of the Peloton bike accessories are worth the investment and which are not.

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Peloton adds Pelothon team water bottles to its online store to kick off summer 2020 campaign

Peloton has announced its Pelothon Summer 2020 campaign is kicking off with an announcement of the various charities they are supporting.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, fighting hunger has become even more important. During the Pelothon, we’re coming together to give back and support hunger relief efforts in our global communities. Over four weeks, Peloton will donate a total of $1M to our four non-profit partners: 

With this announcement, Peloton has also added new Pelothon water bottles to their online store with different team hashtags on each bottle.

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