Peloton Pivot review: how to rotate your screen on the original Peloton Bike

The Pivot for the Peloton Bike

Today, we’re checking out the Pivot by Top Form Design, which is an attachment made for the original Peloton bike that allows you to rotate the screen a full 360 degrees. 

Peloton cycling classes are really only one part of what the Peloton membership has to offer. There are yoga, strength, meditation, stretching, bike bootcamps, and more. While you can always stream your workouts on your TV or computer, I find it more convenient to take the classes directly from the bike, especially when I’m stacking classes or taking bike bootcamps.

The convenience of a rotating screen was a big deciding factor for a lot of us when choosing between the Peloton Bike or Bike+. That’s why Top Form designed The Pivot — so all Peloton original bike owners can benefit from having a rotating screen.

The Pivot sits right underneath the monitor and does not require any major modifications to the Peloton bike.

Installing the Pivot

The box comes with everything you need to install it onto your Peloton, so there is no need to go searching for extra tools. Since The Pivot was designed specifically for the Peloton bike, it ends up being very sturdy, but the box still includes additional washers and bolts in case you need to make small adjustments.

When installing the Pivot, you’ll place it right where the original monitor was attached, and you’ll use the same bolts from the bike to secure it. Super simple! It is recommended to have an extra set of hands with you when installing the pivot since you will need to unplug and detach the monitor from your bike.

Everything you need to install the Pivot is included

Once you’ve installed the Pivot onto your Peloton, be careful when rotating the screen. Make sure it is slightly angled so that the bottom does not hit the handlebars. Since you are turning your screen, you will need to add additional slack with the cables so they don’t pull out.

Now, one of the biggest questions people have is, “Does the Pivot void my Peloton warranty?!” Well, as with any modification to the Peloton hardware, this one could technically void your warranty, but as long as you’re careful, it’s unlikely that it will.

Luckily, the Pivot is easy to install, which also means it’s very easy to uninstall. So unless there’s an incident while installing the Pivot, you probably don’t have to worry about it voiding your Peloton warranty. 

The Pivot can add a ton of functionality to your Peloton bike and take some strain off you, so you don’t have to try and see your screen from far away or from a weird angle. If you were thinking about upgrading from your original Peloton bike to the Bike+ simply for the screen, I think this attachment might be the better investment.

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Top Form also makes another bike attachment called The Adjuster, which helps short and tall people ride more comfortably on the bike. Make sure to check out our review on it here!

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