Peloton bike accessories pack review: Should you buy it?

Peloton Accessories

When purchasing a Peloton bike, a common question is whether or not to purchase Peloton’s essentials, works, or family packages. After owning a Peloton for a few months, I can see which of the Peloton bike accessories are worth the investment and which are not.

For the sake of the discussion, I am going to look at the works package as it contains every product in the Family pack except for the water bottle.

Bike mat

The bike mat from Peloton is of great quality, but you’ll really only need it unless you are using your bike on hardwood floors. If you have hardwood floors, I highly recommend it. If you are storing your bike on carpet, you can probably pass on it.

Bike weights

The bike weights come in sizes of one to three pounds. I picked up the three pounds for the bike rides that call for them. They fit perfectly in the holder that is included with your bike. There are cheaper options out there, but they aren’t cheaper by a lot. If you plan to use weights with your training, they are worth the purchase.


One of the things I didn’t realize when purchasing my Peloton bike was that the touch screen had built-in speakers. The Peloton bike also supports Bluetooth headphones. If you already have a pair of headphones you like to use when working out, then you can probably skip them. They are comfortable, but I don’t love having a wire dangling around. If I am riding in the room alone, I will use the built-in speakers. If someone in my family is in the room with them, I will use my AirPods Pro.

Peloton heart rate monitor

Of all the products in the Peloton accessories kit, the Peloton heart rate monitor is the most disappointing. From what I understand, it’s a rebranded polar heart rate monitor. I personally don’t prefer the fit of a chest strap and I have had continual issues getting it connected at the beginning of my rides.

After struggling with it for a few weeks, I purchased a Scosche Rhythm+, and I have been extremely happy with it. I plan on doing a full review soon, but all you need to know today is that the Peloton heart rate monitor should be avoided at all costs.

Peloton shoes

I’ve been quite happy with the Peloton shoes thus far, and I’ll likely rebuy them when my current ones wear out. They are easy to get on and easy to clip into the bike.

The final verdict on Peloton bike accessories

The Peloton shoes are the only product in the accessories kit that I can recommend as a must buy. If you plan to buy the weights as well, then the essentials package contains the shoes, weights, and wired headphones for $159. If you purchased the shoes and weights separately, it would be $150, so the headphones are only a $10 add on at that point.

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