Short and tall Peloton riders: The Adjuster is essential [Review]

Peloton Adjuster

While I have tried many nice accessories for the Peloton Bike, very few can be considered must-haves. But for short and tall Peloton riders, The Adjuster by Top Form Design is absolutely essential. Now that the brand has released a new version for the Peloton Bike+, I was finally able to review it myself.

As someone who is of average height (5-foot-9), the Peloton feels super comfortable to ride. My wife, however, is 4-foot-10 and has never been able to enjoy the same comfortable experience as me.  

Even though my wife can ride the Peloton as is, it’s far from optimal. When coaches say to relax your arms and have soft elbows, that’s kind of hard a hard ask when everything is far away. When you are short, even touching the screen to high-five or adjust the volume can be much harder than it should be. 

Having the ability to customize your Peloton bike by moving the screen and handlebars closer or further away isn’t just a nice addition either. For those who fall on the short or tall side, it can mean the difference of having good form and pain-free shoulders and backs.

Once The Adjuster is installed on the Peloton, you can adjust the screen and handlebars 3 inches forward or 3 inches back from the original position. And you can adjust it an additional 1 1/4 inches in each direction if you need to by adjusting the bolts (a lot of “adjusting” goes on when you have “The Adjuster”!). Moving everything back and forth is actually pretty easy, but you need to lift the screen a bit to get some leverage first.

There are a few minor things I don’t love about it. For one, in order to make The Adjuster work on the Peloton Bike+, you will need to connect the screen to the bike with an external cable (this is provided when you purchase the Adjuster). While you are given a velcro strap to keep it tighter to the bike, the exposed cable makes the Bike+ look a little less “premium” than it used to.

The Exposed Cable on the Peloton Bike+ with The Adjuster

Secondly, even with all the bolts tightened as much as possible, there is still a tiny (and I do mean tiny) amount of additional screen movement. It’s not a deal-breaker, and most people will probably not notice it unless riding very hard, but it is worth mentioning.

The final thing I don’t love (and this at no fault to The Adjuster itself) is that now my wife and I have one more adjustment we will have to make every time we want to ride the Peloton in order to share it. 

But you know what… the negatives here are so minor when compared to the positives. My wife can finally have a great time on the Peloton! She feels more comfortable riding it, and she can hold a better position and will have fewer shoulder and neck issues. That is a huge positive!

This is why I believe The Adjuster by Top Form Design is not just a good Peloton accessory to have… it is an ESSENTIAL one for short or tall Peloton riders to be in an optimal position. 

Will I still grumble a bit as I have to adjust everything on the Peloton when I want to ride? Definitely, but I’ll do so happily because I know my wife can finally share the same great experience that I have when riding the Peloton. 

Buy The Adjuster Here for the Original Peloton Bike
Buy The Adjuster Here for the Peloton Bike+

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