I bought every Peloton bike fan… here’s the best one!

Best Peloton Bike Fan

If you are wondering which Peloton bike fan to buy, I have you covered. I went ahead and bought every single Peloton bike fan available get to test and figure out which one is the best! Here is what I found:

I tested eight Peloton bike fans, and here is an overview of what I thought about each one. I judged each fan on a scale from 1-10 (1 being bad and 10 being excellent) based on wind strength, sound, and overall design/placement. Starting with my least favorite and ending with what I believe is by far the best Peloton fan.

Peloton Bike Fan Video

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Lasko 20” High Velocity Quick Mount Fan

Price: $69
Purchase here

Overall Score: 13/30
Wind Strength: 9/10
Sound: 2/10
Design: 2/10

Although not technically a “Peloton Fan,” the reason I included this Lasko fan is that it has been one of my favorites for garage gyms and small fitness studios. I like it so much because it is very powerful but still quieter than similar industrial-strength fans.

However, this is still a bit loud for at-home use, does not look great outside of a garage, and takes up a decent amount of space. It’s a good fan in the right circumstances, but probably not the best choice for most Peloton owners. 

Lasko Tower Fan

Price: $60-70
Purchase here

Overall Score: 14/30
Wind Strength: 7/10
Sound: 3/10
Design: 4/10

Unlike the previous fan, the Lasko Tower is not nearly as powerful but still does a good job. Just as importantly, it is a lot quieter than the Lasko High Velocity fan, although still a bit louder than most bike fan attachments.

It also looks pretty nice in a room and takes up less space with the vertical design. The biggest problem here is that the fan is only 3.5ft tall and cannot be angled upwards, making it difficult to find a great position.

SkyGenius Clip Fan

Price: $23
Purchase here

Overall Score: 15/30
Wind Strength: 7/10
Sound: 3/10
Design: 5/10

This fan is actually stronger than it looks providing a similar amount of wind flow as the Lasko Tower Fan. This is a chargeable fan so you will need to charge this after several hours of use. The biggest downside here is that the fan needs to be clipped directly to the screen (or onto the speakers for the Peloton Bike+).

Double Plus and Crostice Fans

Price: ~$30
Purchase Double Plus or Crostice

Overall Score: 16-18/30
Wind Strength: 6/10, 4/10
Sound: 4/10, 8/10
Design: 6/10, 6/10

The reason I am combining both of these fans is because both have the same specs, are made by the same company, and even come in the same box. But oddly enough, their performance was not the same.

The Double Plus fan was almost twice as powerful as the Crostice but also about twice as loud. In terms of design and placement, you have a few options here to attach the tentacle grip to the handlebars. None of the options are great though, as it will impede either your hand placement or cover a bit of the screen. These fans run off batteries, so you’ll need to charge them after every few rides.

Selina Clip Fan

Price: $30
Purchase here

Overall Score: 16/30
Wind Strength: 7/10
Sound: 3/10
Design: 6/10

This Peloton fan is unique, with a long neck that twists and curls up. In terms of power and sound, it is fairly similar to the SkyGenius fan. The biggest benefit of this fan is that it is much more adjustable than other clip fans, so you have more options for placement.

ATP Sports Fan

Price: $30-35
Purchase here

Overall Score: 19/30
Wind Strength: 7/10
Sound: 3/10
Design: 8/10
Bonus Disco Lights Point: 1

I could only get my hands on the ATP Sports Fan designed for the Original Peloton Bike, so I did my best to test it with my Bike+. What surprised me the most is that this fan is just as powerful as the Selina and SkyGenius despite being much smaller.

What makes this fan better for me is that the placement is a lot less intrusive than any of the clip-on fans. It also plugs into and uses the power from your Peloton Bike – so no charging is required. It also received a bonus point for having a disco light option.

VeloQuip Dual Peloton Fan

Price: $75-80
Purchase here
(for a limited time, use “WATTS” for 5% off!)

Overall Score: 26/30
Wind Strength: 8/10
Sound: 8/10
Design: 10/10

And finally, we have my favorite Peloton fan: the VeloQuip Dual Peloton Fan. In terms of power, each of the two fans here is on par with the other top fans in this category. However, since the dual fans cover more area, you definitely feel it a bit more.

In terms of sound, the VeloQuip is the quietest fan on this list, and in terms of design, it is the best by far. It sits completely underneath the handlebars so it never interferes with hand placement or gets in the way of the screen. The fans also plug directly into the Peloton Bike – so there is no need to charge them. But unlike the ATP Sport Fan, it does not always need to be plugged into the bike, as the fan can hold a three-hour charge on its highest setting.

In addition to finding the best Peloton fan, I also recently went and found the best Peloton Extended Warranty, which you should absolutely check out if you recently bought a Peloton Bike or Tread.

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