As Peloton moves to compete with Apple Watch, details emerge for its upcoming heart rate armband

Peloton Wearable Apple Watch

Update: we’ve dug into the app and have a ton of screenshots of the armband UI

Bloomberg released a piece today with new details on Peloton Interactive’s upcoming heart rate armband. With Peloton’s acquisitions of two wearable device companies (Atlas and Latitude 32), its recent release of the new Strive Score, and further limited connectivity the Apple Watch, a new Peloton heart rate wearable seems imminent. Here are the new details just discovered:

The new details Bloomberg is reporting about the new Peloton heart rate monitor come from information found buried in the code of the digital iPhone and iPad app.

Bloomberg writes:

Details and images of the device indicate that it will come in small and large sizes and will pair wirelessly with Peloton’s bike and treadmills, along with phones, tablets and televisions running the company’s app.

The heart-rate band will be able to capture the intensity of workouts, providing users more accurate data. The device will have a small screen that can display the battery level and when it’s in pairing mode, according to the code. After pairing the gadget with Peloton fitness equipment for the first time, the device will automatically do so via Bluetooth.

In addition to this, there are also details on how Peloton’s new heart rate armband might work with Strive Score:

The heart-rate band will receive software updates, according to the code, potentially letting the device add features down the road. The band will work with Peloton’s heart-rate zones, which provide users feedback on workouts of varying intensity.

“Track the intensity of your workouts from Zone 1 (lowest effort) to Zone 5 (maximum capacity),” the code says. “Using the adjustable strap, wear the Peloton Heart Rate Monitor snug on your forearm to accurately monitor your effort during workouts.”

The band, which includes an adjustable strap, will run on its own battery and automatically go into sleep mode when removed.

The fact that this much detail is already in the code for the iPhone and iPad apps suggest that we might not be very far away from a release date. In the past, Peloton has released products at the end of summer, so be on the lookout for more details from Peloton regarding its new heart rate armband in the coming months.

Here is a photo CTW has verified from the code:

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