FORME Studio in-depth review

The FORME Studio is the Rolls Royce of smart fitness mirrors.

Taller and wider than the competition, FORME Studio has the largest and best picture 4k touchscreen display, multiple high def cameras to allow for fantastic and nuanced 1:1 training, the largest and fastest internal computer, and it is the first smart mirror to come with upgradable options to become a barre studio or even a full on smart strength studio similar to that of Tonal. 

I’ve spent six weeks testing out the FORME Studio so that I can give you the most accurate, most in-depth overview possible.

FORME Studio video review

Quick overview of the FORME Studio

FORME Studio is the largest smart fitness mirror currently on the market. With a mirror weighing 102 pounds, it’s a wall-mounted unit. There are different upgrade options available as well as opportunities for live 1:1 personal training.

FORME Studio specs

Dimensions68″ H x 26.3″ W x 2.25″ D
Weight102 lbs (screen only), 125 lbs (full assembly)
Screen43″ UHD 4K
CamerasTwo front-facing 12MP cameras
Accessories includedPremium yoga mat
Heart rate monitor
Microfiber cleaning towel
Camera covers
Mounting hardware
Content libraryYoga
Strength training (bodyweight and free weights)
InstallWall mounted
12″, 16″, or 18″ metal or wood stud spacing, poured concrete, or CMU
Space requirement6′ x 6′ space w/minimum 7′ floor to ceiling
Power120v AC 60Hz
Outlet max distance of 5′ from center
Not compatible with extension cords or surge protectors

FORME Studio Design


Unlike most other fitness mirrors that are controlled by an accompanying app, the FORME Studio features an impressive 43” Ultra High Def 4K Touchscreen that powers up with just a tap. 

I like the ability for the mirror to be used as a touch screen, and it does a pretty good job of not showing fingerprints too much, but if you want to keep it looking nice and pristine, you will need to wipe it down between sessions. 

A small downside to the touchscreen, at least in my home (because it is turned on with a simple touch) – my four year old daughter loves to turn it on as she walks by… every day… every time. This can be annoying because there is a little sound followed by a short video that plays on loop before the device goes back to sleep.

I wish there was a way to turn on some sort of “child lock,” but this is a small complaint, as I could have just chosen a different place to install my FORME Studio.

What makes this Ultra High Def 4K touchscreen especially unique is that when you take the classes, you can choose to download them to the mirror. This way, they play uninterrupted in 4K.


The classes look great, but I’m sorry to say, the sound isn’t quite as impressive. The speakers are on the back, so the sound bounces off the wall. It’s intended to make a more immersive experience, but I did not get that.

You can control the volume and decide how loud you want the mix between instructors and music. The FORME Studio volume doesn’t get quite as loud as I would really like. This can make it difficult to hear when there’s a fan in the room, or other people, or a tv on nearby.

The sound isn’t the worst I’ve heard, but as good as everything else is with the Studio, it seems to be a clear weak point. 

If you are using your FORME Studio in a loud space, you may want to connect a pair of earbuds which will pair and work great, and bypass the speakers altogether.

You can also pair a heart rate monitor; either the strap monitor that is included with the FORME Studio, or one you may already own. You’ll need a heart rate monitor to be able to see your heart rate on the screen, as well as a calorie count.


Another piece of great tech included on the FORME Studio are two Steroscopic 12mp cameras. These are significantly better than, for example, Lululemon’s Mirror, which only features a single 5mp camera. 

However, one thing that FORME does currently lack is any sort of integrated form correction or rep counting tech with those cameras. It’s a shame because of how good the cameras are, but the presence off the cameras does give hope that this will be a feature added over time. 

It seems FORME prioritize the quality of the cameras not for AI tech, but for FORME’s 1:1 optional personal training services. 

To test this out, I took four personal training sessions with coach Chris. Personally, I found those sessions well planned, well coached, and very valuable.

Obviously I cannot speak to every coach on the FORME platform, but Chris is extremely knowledgeable, and was able to pick out small, nuanced issues with my form for both basic and fairly advanced movements. He was able to verbally and visually communicate to me how to correct movements, and I know he could not have coached as effectively as he did with a crappy camera.

FORME Studio content

As I mentioned earlier, the classes on FORME download to the device for you to take them. As long as you have a decent internet connection, they don’t take long to download. Your suggested workouts are always pre-downloaded for you.

You can download a huge library should you choose, as the computer within the unit has a whopping 250g of space. 


The library on FORME is pretty extensive: from strength workouts, conditioning, yoga, pilates, barre, meditation, stretching, and even a partnership with Barry’s to take some of their classes.

The Barry’s classes include some of the flagship bootcamp type classes that they’re known for. These have you on and off treadmill, if you have one available. The content looks great in 4K, the instructors are all very good, and there’s a nice UI display to indicate how much of each set or movement you have remaining. 

Also, and I’m a big fan of this, they clearly show in the class description exactly what you will be doing, which for someone like me, I really need that to plan out my workouts. So, love to see that. 

The workouts, in general, are on the shorter end, usually 10-30 minutes in length. There are definitely longer classes available, just the bulk of them are short.


Since the classes are not streamed, there’s no leaderboard, or tracking, really. So if you are someone who is really motivated by competition, you will find that a bit lacking. 

The workout tracking is not well implemented here. There’s really not any good way within FORME to track your progress, or how much you have done. And unfortunately, no way to even export your workouts to third party trackers like Strava; that is something I would love to see improved here. 

There’s also a lack of built-out programs here. FORME seems to counter that by having suggested workouts picked out by your coach or fitness consultant, but it would be nice to see this expanded into programs. 

Overall, there is definitely enough content on FORME to satisfy most. 

Personal training

For people who don’t want to travel to the gym, but want to be seen by a knowledge coach once per week, I’m not sure any other connected fitness device can deliver on that like FORME can.

Not only were they personal training sessions, but my coach would create a specific plan on FORME for me to follow, and supplied me with some written instructions. The FORME personal training is a well put together package. 

But even if you don’t opt for personal training, you still get personal guidance with FORME. When you order your FORME Studio, you get contacted by a fitness consultant who talks with you about your background and goals, and sets up a general weekly plan.

FORME Studio upgrades

One of the coolest things about the FORME Studio, that unfortunately I was not able to try out, is the ability to upgrade it. You can opt to add a removable barre, or what I am most excited about, the FORME Lift.

The FORME Lift upgrade turns the fitness mirror into a smart strength studio, similar to Tonal. With moveable arms, and auto adjusting weights, Lift can provide as much as 200lbs pounds of digital resistance (100lbs per arm)

The Lift upgrade is a big deal because I think a lot of people are going to be happy with just the FORME Studio, but over time they might want the ability to lift more weights. Having the ability to keep what you love about the mirror, but also add on the Lift, makes this such a versatile machine. 

With the upgrades plus the ability to add personal training, you really do have an at-home fitness studio that is incredibly impressive, and yet takes up almost no room, and looks like a sleek wall mirror when not in use. 

Cost of the FORME Studio

At the start of the review I called the FORME Studio, the Rolls Royce of smart mirrors, and that comes at a price. 

The FORME Studio costs $2,495 which is about $1,000 more than it’s competition. And the version with the Lift upgrade and accessories costs an additional $2,500.

The FORME membership is $49 per month, or if you want to upgrade to a plan with a weekly personal training session, it is $199 for the first month… and likely more after that. 

Absolutely a very pricy unit, but I think that is kind of the point. This is the luxury mirror. There is nothing nicer than this, so it’s meant for someone who has the money and desire to have the latest and greatest. In that way, the FORME makes complete sense. 

Final thoughts

If I were to rate it on a “Must Buy, Try, Wait for a Sale, or Never Touch” rating, I would say the FORME Studio is a “Must Buy” for someone who understands exactly what it is, can afford it, and is excited to bring something home that looks fantastic while supporting their fitness and health.

Buy FORME Studio here

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