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Family Fitness Products

Few industries saw as much growth as the connected fitness segment during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the circumstances were less than ideal, we learned that we can still work and workout efficiently from the comfort of our homes. With that said, it’s definitely easier to get a solid workout in at a gym where your kids aren’t stepping in your way or pulling on your pant leg. Luckily, several connected fitness products offer workouts that your entire family can participate in. Here’s a list of some of the best to check out.

While all of the following products fall under the category of connected fitness, they all vary in the workout programs they offer, the equipment required, and even how safe or easy they can be for children to participate. A lot also depends on the equipment you have, and what your children are interested in.

The following fitness products offer workouts for the family in various capacities. Some have created a category specifically for children and their parents, while some suggest all of their content is family friendly. With this information, you should be able to better decide what fitness product might be best for you to purchase for yourself and your family.

Or if you already have any of these products, you can easily learn the family-friendly content at your disposal. Anything to help those little ones shed some pent up energy, right?

Fitness products with family-friendly content

Before we begin, it’s important to note that while many of these brands provide family-friendly workout content, all specifically recommend a parent is always present during these workouts to ensure the safety of everyone. For the sake of structure, let’s go down out list alphabetically.


FightCamp is an at-home boxing gym that utilizes proprietary technology to track your punches, allowing you to compete against your own progress or other members. Bluetooth-enabled sensors fit perfectly in your hand wraps, allowing the app to track the number, velocity, and intensity of each punch.

The FightCamp app currently has a library of over 1,000 classes led by current and former professional fighters with over a dozen new classes added every week. This provides a vast variety of workouts of varying difficulties, but still remains one of the more family-friendly fitness products.

FightCamp even offers a “Tribe” package that includes two sets of adult boxing gloves as well as a pair of kid’s size gloves. Your child might already be pretending to be a ninja, or an ancient warrior anyway, so why not throw a cushioned punching bag in front of them?

The fitness company did a survey of its members in January and found that 42% of parents used FightCamp with their children to help them stay active and build healthy fitness habits.

FightCamp recommends any of its open workouts as a great choice for family fitness, but of course, encourages parents to supervise any and all workouts done by children under the age of 13. Furthermore, FightCamp suggests parents prescreen any workouts and use their best judgment when choosing which to do with their children, although all are essentially family safe.

FORME Studio

While our last family fitness product gives you and your kids something to punch, you definitely will need to take a different approach with FORME’s Studio. This connected fitness mirror can either mount to your wall or stand on its own, providing unique content including 1:1 personal training, all within a sleek design.

FORME is designed to curate workouts based on a person’s ability, fitness goals, and mood. Each day, it plans a personalized workout based on your preferences and current fitness journey. However, you can go rogue on your own desired workout if you want.

The FORME Studio is the only fitness product on this list that does not mention family workouts specifically, although it provides plenty of content to fit that category. Its content includes group workouts that are designed to engage everyone in the household.

This includes safer workouts like yoga, meditation, and body weight strength straining. Furthermore, the company is promising a range of workout modalities and content for 2+ users to experience at once. Regardless of whatever workout you and your family choose, you’ll want to keep an eye on any of the more rambunctious household members around the FORME Studio, as it is a mirror after all.


Speaking of connected fitness mirrors, the next product on our list is very family friendly. The Mirror offers a diverse library of 50+ genres of fitness classes, all at your disposal for a $39/month membership fee. The device itself also offers flexibility in your home, as it can be mounted to a wall or stand alone on its carbon steel stand.

Additionally, Mirror is one of the few connected fitness products on the market that offers a specific category of workouts called “Family Fun.” This class was created with the whole family in mind, keeping all ages active through everything from cardio to yoga.

In fact, Mirror told us it has seen a 200% increase in Family Fun content usage since the pandemic began. As a fairly new product, the Mirror community is surely growing. Not just in single owners, but in multiple users per household, too. Many have even shared footage of their family workouts among the Mirror community.


Our final product is similar to the two previous fitness offerings for the family as a mirror, but also has home gym capabilities. The Tonal system is an all-in-one gym with 200 pounds of resistance using its propriety digital weight system.

Additionally, Tonal offers an expansive library of various workouts, including pre/postnatal and “family fitness.” For these family focused exercises, Tonal foregoes the resistance arms and offers a bunch of creative movements and stretches to help keep families active while remaining engaged in the content. Apparently children don’t have long attention spans? Who knew! Here are just a few of the family fitness offerings:

  • Get sporty with fun skills & drills 
  • Play pretend with bodyweight animal movements
  • Build family bonds while building strength
  • Release all that pent-up kid energy with superhero moves
  • Check out workouts led by Coach Gabby, Paul, or Pablo

Choosing between family fitness products

Hopefully, we have provided at least an introduction to some of the connected fitness products out there offering fitness options for the entire family. With that said, it may still be tough to choose which product is the best for you and your household.

Being able to remain active with your family at home is a huge perk, but it is more than likely not the sole criteria as you mull over a connected home fitness product. Luckily, we have already compiled several fitness product comparisons containing many of the same devices listed above. You can view them here:

We hope you can use all of this compiled information to make the most informed decision about which fitness products will best serve the health and wellness of you and your family. Remember to stretch before trying some of those animal movements!

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