Venom Go Review – high tech heat!

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The new Venom Go by Hyperice is one of the most unique and most versatile heat therapy products ever made. I have never seen anything quite like it.

But is it worth the $149 price tag?

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Hypervolt Go 2 review – looking good!

This review is all about the Hypervolt Go 2: the smaller, lower-priced, and definitely best-looking percussion massage gun in the Hypervolt lineup.

But is it any good? And who is it for? This in-depth review of the Hypervolt Go 2 will tell you our answers to all those questions.

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The Normatec Go launches today – providing compression massage on the go!

After recently releasing the upgraded Normatec 3, Hyperice is launching a brand new recovery tool called the Normatec Go. The new Normatec Go is not only smaller and more portable than the original, but also more accessible. At $399, this is by far the lowest price of any product in the Normatec lineup.

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Normatec 3 in-depth review and comparison [video]

Normatec has updated its popular compression boots with the newly released Normatec 3. The Normatec 3 features a refreshed design, reduced weight, increased battery life, and professional level customization. Best of all, the price has been lowered as well.

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Normatec 3 compression system launches with new upgrades and a lower price!

Hyperice, a leader in the fitness recovery tech, has launched their newly upgraded Normatec 3 compression system today. Not only does the new Normatec 3 have several improvements, but it also is being released at a lower cost than the previous model. You can get the base model (which includes the compression boots) for $799.

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Hyperice launches new Hypervolt Go 2 massage gun for $199

Today, Hyperice introduced the Hypervolt Go 2, a newly improved version of one of its most popular massage guns. With a brand new minimalistic design, arctic-grey finish, and more ergonomic handle, it now looks as good as Hyperice’s massage guns feel.

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Hypervolt 2 Pro review: finely tuned excellence!

Hyperice has finally updated one of their Flagship Products, the Hypervolt Massage Gun. After two years, there are now two upgraded models. The premium massage gun has been renamed the Hypervolt 2 Pro.

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Core Meditation Trainer Review

The Core Meditation Trainer by Hyperice is a handheld meditation device that uses gentle vibrations to guide you through meditation while the companion app tracks your progress. This review will cover everything you need to know about this handheld meditation trainer to see if it’s the right fit for you.

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Normatec Pulse 2.0 review: the king of recovery tools

I’ve known about Normatec Pulse 2.0 for a long time now as I’ve seen them used for years at every professional and amateur athletic competition. And with dozens of friends who swear by these compression boots, I had to try them out myself.

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