Hypervolt Go 2 review – looking good!

This review is all about the Hypervolt Go 2: the smaller, lower-priced, and definitely best-looking percussion massage gun in the Hypervolt lineup.

But is it any good? And who is it for? This in-depth review of the Hypervolt Go 2 will tell you our answers to all those questions.

Hypervolt Go 2 video review

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Hypervolt Go 2 specs and comparison

Hypervolt Go 2Hypervolt 2Hypervolt 2 Pro
Dimensions6.7″ x 2″ x 7.3″7.5″ x 2.5″ x 9.5″8″ x 2.5″ x 10.4″
Weight1.5 lbs.1.8 lbs.2.6 lbs.
Percussion range2,200 to 3,200 ppm2,000 to 3,200 ppm1,700 to 2,700 ppm
Stroke length10mm12mm14mm
Battery on single charge3 hours3 hours3 hours

Who is the Hypervolt Go 2 for?

I believe the first and foremost reason the Hypervolt Go exists is to help reach an audience that may otherwise never consider or are intimidated by a personal percussion massage gun. 

Maybe intimidated is not the best description. But for many people, they see a massage gun and think, “That’s only for hard core athletes,” that their type of workouts wouldn’t necessitate a massage gun. In actuality, percussion massage guns are useful for anyone wanting to improve their recovery or mobility, or even to set their body up for a good workout session, no matter how intense.

Hyperice created a smaller, lighter, massage gun with the Hypervolt Go, and now with the Hypervolt Go 2 add to that list, it looks so unintimidating and cute that it will certainly attract a whole new audience.

At home, I have close to a dozen massage guns. Admittedly excessive, but I use them for comparison reviews like this. And despite the extensive collection, my avid exerciser wife has never used one, outside of one time when I was using one and she asked me to run it across a tight spot on her back. 

But when the Hypervolt Go 2 arrived, she was instantly interested in using it. Not because it’s the best (it definitely is not, and we’ll get into that later), but because she loves the way it looks. And sometimes, that’s important. Now someone who had no interest in massage guns is interested.

What can the Hypervolt Go 2 do?

The Hypervolt Go 2 includes only two attachment heads, while most come with four or five. Someone like me, who uses massage guns on different areas for different reasons, wants more options than just two heads. But for others, having fewer options will make it easier for them to use.

The Hypervolt Go 2 includes a flat head for your bigger muscle groups and a pointy head for those hard-to-get-to smaller tight spots. Simple, easy to understand, not overwhelming.

The Hypervolt Go 2 has no Bluetooth, meaning no app connectivity. Again, some consider this a negative. But for others, this could be a plus, saving them from complexity. Another time that having less it’s sometimes a plus.

How does it feel to use the Hypervolt Go 2?

The Hypervolt Go 2 is lighter and much smaller, making it easier to use than the other Hypervolt massage guns.

Stroke length

The feeling you get from the Hypervolt Go 2 is much more vibrational than the other Hypervolt guns. This is because of the shorter stroke length, which is the length the attachment moves back and forth from the end of the gun.

The larger the stroke length, the more punchy the massage gun action will feel; the shorter the range, the more vibrational.

Personally, I like the more punchy feel that, for example, the Hypervolt 2 Pro gives, with a 14mm stroke length, compared to the 10mm stroke length on the Hypervolt Go 2.

Percussion range

Hypervolt Go 2 offers three levels to choose from, ranging from 2,200 to 3,200 ppm. This is a pretty common range, although I actually like smaller ppm (think sub-2,000 options) which would be difficult to offer with the shorter stroke length of the Go 2.

Still, it is a nice range, and most people will find one of these three levels works well for their needs. 

Stall force

The stall force is how much pressure you can apply before the massage gun stops. Hypervolt Go 2’s stall force threshold is not the greatest – I was able to stall it without much trouble using it on my arm. With the Hypervolt 2 Pro, it would take a lot of effort to get it to stall.

Again, this could be seen as a drawback, but for someone interested in a portable, simple massage gun like this, the low stall force is very unlikely to be an issue.

Final thoughts

It’s difficult to review the Hypervolt Go 2 without comparing it to the Hypervolt 2 and the Hypervolt 2 Pro massage guns.

The three-hour battery life of the Hypervolt Go 2 matches that of the more expensive models and the percussion range is comparable too.

But the shorter stroke length of the Hypervolt Go 2 negatively impacts the performance, and this is the only Hypervolt massage gun that does not come with a case. Luckily, the Hypervolt Go 2 is small enough to fit more storage spaces than the other guns.

I think the Hypervolt Go 2 is a perfect device for someone new to (or not that into) fitness tech or recovery tech. At a price of $199 (less when on sale), it can be an easy first step for someone.

The Hypervolt Go 2 also strikes me as a solid choice for a gift. It looks so much less intimidating than a lot of recovery tech; a newbie would feel comfortable trying it. So you can be pretty sure that they will actually use it, benefit from it, and enjoy it.

Buy the Hypervolt Go 2 here.

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