Venom Go Review – high tech heat!

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The new Venom Go by Hyperice is one of the most unique and most versatile heat therapy products ever made. I have never seen anything quite like it.

But is it worth the $149 price tag?

The one area where I tend to need heat therapy most often is my upper back and neck. Likely due to how I sleep, but I find that heat therapy helps relax the muscle and allows me to recover more quickly.

This is where the versatility of the Venom Go is perfect. At a size slightly larger than my hand, the adhesive pad was able to stick pretty much anywhere on I needed it. Once on, the Venom Go Pod can be placed on top and is held to the adhesive pad magnetically. 

From here, heat and vibration levels of the Venom Go can be applied with button on the pod itself, or via a free app that controls it through Bluetooth.

The are three heat levels:

  • Level 1: 105F
  • Level 2: 109F
  • Level 3: 113F
Venom Go can be controlled via the pod directly or on the app

This temperature may seem a lot lower than, for example, the new Venom Back which goes up to 131F. However, maybe due to the smaller, more localized heat, it feels a lot hotter than it sounds. 

In fact, the highest level is way too hot for me. Level 2 feels very hot but far more reasonable, and level 1 feels like it a temperature that most should be able to handle.

high tech heat!

There are also three vibration settings as well:

  • Steady
  • Intermittent
  • Pattern

Personally, I do not prefer to have vibration along with heat therapy. Though I know many do, so it is a nice addition to see it available here, in a device so small.

The big question for a product like this is how much it will likely cost to use long term. The Venom Go comes with just three adhesive pads. After those wear out, you will need to buy more for a little under $10 each (a three-pack costs $29).  

The Venom Go adhesive pad

Hyperice states the adhesive pads should last up to 20 uses. However, this will depend on whether you wipe your sweat down before using it, and (unfortunately for me) on how much hair you have.

So far I have used my first adhesive pad ten times. While it is not as sticky as it once was, I believe I can get another 5-10 more uses out of it. The estimated 20 uses seems a fair number for most.

you should be able to get ~20 uses per pad

At nearly $10 per pad, that means it will end up costing an addition 50 cents per use, which doesn’t seem too bad. Though, with an upfront cost of $149, it is on the expensive side for a heat therapy product.

The high cost makes this a bit hard to recommend for everyone. For athletes, though, especially those who value fast recovery, the Venom Go could be a nice tool to have available, and for certain sport situations, this could be a literal game changer. 

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