What Makes Peloton Different...

than other fitness equipment?

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For us there's a real family vibe to the whole thing, like the most memorable sports team you were on.

-Michael Potuck

The biggest reason why I keep coming back to my Peloton is because of the engagement features. -Chance Miller

Peloton removes the excuses

When the days are long and the weather isn't cooperating, Peloton makes it easy to sneak in a workout at any time. 

The World's Best Instructors

Peloton's instructors are engaging, motivating, and drive you to come back to every one of their classes.

Is an $1895 bike worth it?


Peloton's bike is high quality, easy to use, and lets you get an amazing workout from the comfort of your home without the hassle of the gym and on your time schedule. Peloton has multiple live classes every day to work for any schedule. You can also take an on demand ride at any time.

Included with your All access Membership ,Peloton Digital includes Strength, Yoga, Stretching, Meditation, Outdoor Running, and more. Peloton isn't just for cardio, but rather for all fitness and well-being.

So what makes Peloton different?


Ease of Use



Music Integration

Engagement Thousands of on-demand class Daily live classes

What do we love about Peloton?

1. Music 2. Convenient Schedule 3. Engaging Instructors 4. Gameification of fitness with the leaderboard 5. Growing and encouraging community 6. Workout in the safety of your own home

What if I hate it?

Peloton includes a no risk 30-day in home trial. If you hate it, send it back!

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