Fiture announces more affordable “Mini” smart fitness mirror

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Fiture has announced the release of the new “Fiture Mini,” which as the name suggests, is a smaller and more affordable version of its smart mirror. Included with this announcement is that both the original mirror (now named Core) and Mini will be available on Amazon starting this month.

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FITURE introduces new interactive Fitness Mirror with motion tracking

Today, FITURE has unveiled the release of their new motion tracking fitness mirror to the U.S. FITURE features their Motion Engine™ tech tracks your movements and offers real-time feedback through form correction as well as pacing, timing, and movement feedback.

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The Untold story of Lisa Niren, Peloton’s original head Instructor | The Weekly Watt

Welcome to the Weekly Watt, a weekly video and podcast here on Connect the Watts that brings you an overview of what’s new in all things connected fitness.

In this week’s episode, we discuss the potential design leak of Peloton’s new rower, as well as our thoughts on the current connected rowing landscape.

Joining our hosts, Colin Jenkins and Eric Malzone, is Peloton’s original head instructor, Lisa Niren. Lisa tells us about her early days with Peloton and how that has led up to her new project with the recently released FITURE fitness mirror.

We cover all that and the rest of connected fitness in this week’s episode. Check it out below!
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