Comment: What I’d like to see in a future Peloton Bike and Bike+

In 2020, Peloton released its new Bike+ and announced the new Tread that will be released in March. It has now completed its better/best hardware model, so what’s coming next for its existing products?

New Peloton Bike

When Peloton releases a revision to the lower cost “better” Bike, I expect many of the features from the Bike+ to appear. I believe that Apple Watch integration and the swivel screen will be the two headline features. Peloton has a strong interest in the strength market, so allowing more people to complete strength workouts from the Bike will likely be important.

$999 Price Point

Peloton could also choose to keep the Bike as is for the foreseeable future with only processor and networking upgrades for the tablet being the focus. Peloton ultimately needs to get the cost of the bike much closer to $999 for continued growth.

New Peloton Bike+

I don’t expect Peloton to release an upgrade to the Bike+ until the fall of 2022 since the current model is still on a 10-week delivery delay for new orders.

GymKit and Networking Upgrades

I would expect Bike+ to get deeper integration with the Apple Watch over just basic GymKit support. I’d also like to see Wi-Fi 6 added to the networking stack for better operations in congested RF areas. This upgrade would particularly help in multi-dwelling apartments.

Accessory Mounts

I’d also like to see Peloton bring features from products like Endo to expand out the functionality. Endo’s phone mount looks to be incredibly beneficial, and it’s something I am surprised Peloton hasn’t addressed. Many people who use Peloton are also working from home, and I know that when I have a chance to ride during the ride, I still need to be available for emergencies.

The same idea goes for how Endo has built-in shoe mounts, larger water bottles, and a towel rack. Peloton should be building all of this functionality into the high-end Bike+ in the future.

Connected Dumbell Racks

As I mentioned earlier, Peloton has an eye on the strength market. In a future version of the Bike+, I’d like to see a smaller version of the JaxJox dumbbells built right in. Peloton could include weights for 2.5-10 pounds, and depending on what the instructor wanted for the class, different weights would be available. It would work similarly to how auto-follow works for resistance.

When will Peloton release a new Bike?

At the moment, Peloton is struggling to meet the demand for its current products. I personally don’t expect Peloton to release new Bike hardware in 2021 but would like to see a new lower-cost bike in early 2022 and a new Bike+ in late 2022. For 2021, Peloton needs to focus on upgrading its distribution operation.

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