Ergatta Rower adds new Apple Watch integration

Ergatta Rower Apple Watch integration

Ergatta today announced it has added a new Apple Watch integration to its game-focused home rower. This update allows members to use their Apple Watch to track and see their heart rate on-screen during a workout.

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Peloton Row vs Concept 2 vs Hydrow (and more!) rower comparison

Today we are going to be comparing just about every popular home rower available. From the brand new Peloton Row to the classic Concept 2, as well as the Hydrow, Hydrow Wave, Aviron Strong, Aviron Impact, Nordictrack RW900, and Ergatta Water Rower!

I’ve rowed over 1,000,000 combined meters this year on these rowers. Here are my thoughts on how they compare and my suggestions if you are looking to get a rower for your home.

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Hydrow launches new lineup of colorful rowers in time for the holidays

Hydrow has launched four new, more colorful, versions of its Hydrow Wave Rower. The bright new color options can be added for an additional fee when ordering from the company’s website.

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Aviron Rower review: a workout for gamers!

A perfect workout program for gamers? In this Aviron Rower review, we will cover everything you should know before you decide to buy. Aviron has created a well-designed rower designed around games and entertainment that has kept me hooked. Read (or watch) below to get the full scoop.

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