Best 2022 Black Friday Deals: sleep and recovery tech

From the massage guns to smart mattresses, there is a lot of sleep and recovery tech already on sale for Black Friday. Here is a list of the best 2022 Black Friday deals we’ve found so far!

Sleep tech

Eight Sleep Pod 3 – $2,045
$250 off

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 mattress cover is by far my favorite sleep product. You can adjust the temperature of each side of the bed anywhere from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. And that temperature can auto adjust throughout the night to optimize your sleep.

If you need a new mattress as well, the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress is also on sale for $500 off.

Massage guns

Hypervolt 2 – $229
$70 off

Hyperice is having a huge Black Friday sale on almost all of their recovery products. This not only includes the Hypervolt massage gun, but also the Hypervolt 2 Pro and the Hypervolt 2 Go.

Theragun Prime – $198
$101 off

Theragun is also having a major Black Friday sale on most of their new massage guns. This sale includes the popular Thergun Prime, Elite, Mini, and the new premium 5th gen Theragun Pro.


Normatec Go – $329
$70 off

One of my favorite new recovery devices this year, the Normatec Go is a solid deal at this price. Hyperice also has their popular Normatec 3 compression system on sale as well for $699 ($100 off).

Therabody RecoveryAir JetBoots – $699
$200 off

Therabody has their lineup of compression devices on sale as well. What’s nice about these RecoveryAir JetBoots is that they work on their own, without needing to hook up to an external device!

Heat therapy

Thermowood Panorama Sauna – $5,899
$600 off (use code Watts250 for an additional $250 off)

While not everyone will have the space or budget for their own sauna, this is a great price if you do. This beautiful 6-person sauna is the ultimate luxury to improve your recovery and health at its peak!

Venom Go – $119
$30 off

Venom Go is a device unlike any I have ever tested. A small adhesive pad works wirelessly to deliver heat and vibration to wherever you need it the most. Hyperice also has their entire line up of heat-focused Venom products on sale for Black Friday.

Cold therapy

The Plunge – $4,990
Free 5-year warranty, maintenance pack, and delivery
(use code CTW for an additional $150 off)

The Plunge (see review) is the easiest way to add cold therapy into your daily routine. No ice and very little maintenance needed. Able to go down to as low as 39 degrees Fahrenheit, this is an outstanding tool for optimizing your recovery and health.

Ice Barrel – $999
$200 off and free shipping (use code: CTW200)

If you want a more affordable way to create a cold plunge routine, this is the biggest discount we have seen on Ice Barrel yet. While you will need ice, the Ice Barrel keeps the water cold for several days at a time.

Foam rollers

Hyperice Vyper 3 – $149
$50 off

This vibrating foam roller is has an excellent design and strong vibration. While a bit pricy at regular price, this discount makes it a lot more affordable.

Therabody Wave Roller – $99
$50 off

If you want a vibrating foam roller that is a bit softer and less intense, than you may want to consider the Wave Roller by Therabody. For under $99, this is a solid value.


InsideTracker Ultimate Kit – $388
$200 off (with code INSIDETRACKERBF)

InsideTracker analyzes 43 biomarkers via an included blood test to give you an insight into exactly what is going on with your health. Not only that, but it includes ongoing advice and support to help you optimize your numbers as well. I’m currently reviewing this, and I am very happy so far with the service! The entire site is offering 34% off everything.

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