Comment: Is Apple GymKit dead?

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Tempo’s big update today includes full Apple Watch integration even though there is no Apple GymKit in the hardware. Beachbody is updating its new MYX 2 Bike with similar Apple Watch support. Is Apple GymKit dead for at-home use?

Earlier this year, Peloton was forced to reduce some of the functionality of its Apple GymKit for the Peloton Bike+. Specifically, the company removed the ability to connect to the Apple Watch when doing classes that take place off the bike, like strength, yoga, and boot camps.

This upset a lot of people (including me) who had purchased the upgraded Peloton bike primarily for the rotating screen and Apple Watch support. It seemed strange that these two features were marketed together if they cannot be used together.

Instead, I’ve had to rely on my Watch Link and an app called the Echo to connect my Apple Watch to most connected fitness equipment.

Today, Tempo announced its new Apple Watch integration, which does not use Apple GymKit. The way it works is the Apple Watch sends your heart rate data to the Tempo app on your phone. And then, the phone updates your Tempo device via wifi.

This also allows the Tempo app on the Apple Watch to have other functions, such as pausing and resuming the workout. This is super convenient because, on the tempo, you’re generally going to be standing at least six feet away while you do your workout.

The OpenFit program on the MYX 2 bike also just got a new update that allows for a similar Apple Watch integration through their app.

This all makes Peloton’s Apple GymKit feel even worse because now it does even less than devices that didn’t come with GymKit.

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