Beachbody launches new MYX II Bike in preparation of two new connected fitness platforms


Beachbody announced today that they are launching two new versions of the recently acquired MYX Bike: the MYX II and MYX II Plus Bikes. These improved models come in preparation to both of Beachbody’s upcoming connected fitness platforms: Beachbody on Demand (BODi) and Openfit. Check out our review of the MYX II here.

Heberto Calves, president of MYX, says:

MYX started with the premise of offering the highest quality bike at a more affordable price. Now with access to Beachbody’s superior content machine, Super Trainers, and Openfit’s personalized fitness experience, we’re excited to help millions of people achieve their goals and lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

By offering both Beachbody and Openfit experiences on the MYX complete home fitness system, we’re now able to provide alternatives to serve entire households and people at every level with differing personal preferences — from those looking for boutique-style training to those who prefer the electric energy of live classes, as well as all those who prefer the convenience of workouts on demand. And, by offering heart-rate based rides, our members have more ways to get real results than ever before.

The MYX Bike upgrades

The MYX II and MYX II Plus Bikes bring the following upgrades:

  • The MYX Bike fits a greater range of rider weights and heights – up to 350 lbs. and 6’8” tall, and includes fore/aft handlebar adjustability and optimized Q-factor (the distance between the pedal cranks) to provide a more personalized fit that conforms to the body’s natural ankle, knee, and hip alignment.  
  • The MYX II brings a 21.5” rotating touchscreen allowing for easier transitions from bike to floor workouts and will include a Polar OH1 heart rate monitor. In addition, the MYX II Plus will come with a complete set of dumbbells, a kettlebell, a resistance band, a stability mat for the bike, an exercise mat, and a foam roller.
  • New to the MYX II and MYX II Plus Bike is a state-of-the-art sensor providing cadence, speed, and distance metrics, which Beachbody states is 10% more accurate than standard magnetic resistance-based sensors. The new touchscreen also has up-leveled 20W speakers, improved processing power, and a sleeker design that’s 30% slimmer.
  • MYX also added a premium Sony 8 megapixel camera to facilitate the interactive group fitness classes and personalized training, coupled with security features to maintain members’ privacy.
  • In addition, upgrades to the tablet firmware will enable members to connect their Apple Watch for use as a heart rate monitor in all workouts.

One bike, two connected fitness platforms

Beachbody will be adding Beachbody on Demand (BODi), and their live Openfit digital streaming platform to provide two distinct connected fitness experiences on the original MYX and new MYX II Bikes.

  • Openfit’s introduces a more boutique 1:1 experience where members can choose from personal trainer-led classes, on-demand workouts, and structured fitness programs from trainers such as Andrea Rogers, Kelsey Heenan, Lita Lewis, and Jen Widerstrom, in addition to fun challenges with celebrities such as Shay Mitchell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others. Access to Openfit’s live walking and running classes and trainer-led workouts with real-time feedback are also available on mobile and the web for all members at launch.
  • Coming this fall, Openfit members will also be able to use the cameras on their MYX II Bike during Openfit Live classes, where the user can grant the trainers permission to oversee the member’s form on a split screen and provide personalized tips, modifications, and inspiration to help them get the most out of their workouts.
  • In September, MYX Bike owners can also access Beachbody On Demand (BOD), including the new premium-level tier BODi, on their MYX bike. MYX Bike owners can join BODi’s live group experiences and on-demand workouts — on and off the bike — led by Beachbody trainers such as Amoila Cesar, Autumn Calabrese, Elise Joan, Idalis Velazquez, Jennifer Jacobs, Jericho Matthews, Joel Freeman, Megan Davies, and Shaun T.
  • In addition, BODi members will be able to use the camera on their MYX II Bike to join the onscreen “BODcasts” during live trainer-led classes and broadcast their workout to the jumbo screen in the BODi studio along with dozens of other participants. The new BODcast feature also allows BODi trainers to see participants on-screen and provide shout-outs and personalized corrections and cues.


Openfit memberships will be available to new MYX II and MYX II Plus Bike for $29 per month. BODi will be available this fall for $19.95 per month on top of the $99 annual BOD membership. Current MYX Bike owners will have access to either digital membership as well as the ability to add cadence metrics to their existing experience through an accessory attachment (sold separately). The new MYX II and MYX II Plus Bikes are priced at $1,399 and $1,599 with respectively while shipping/white glove delivery will be an additional $200.

NOTE: The MYX II and MYX II Plus Bike currently have a launch sale with $150 off purchase.

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