FightCamp review: A connected home boxing gym that packs a punch

FightCamp Review

Recently, I got the opportunity to try out FightCamp, an all-in-one at-home boxing gym complete with an app and classes led by current and former fighters. The FightCamp kit utilizes Bluetooth sensors positioned in your hand wraps to track the number and output of each punch while you follow along with workouts in the app. Below is my FightCamp review, complete with a video, after going 12 rounds with this connected fitness product.

The FightCamp home boxing gym

FightCamp is an at-home boxing gym that utilizes proprietary technology to track your punches, allowing you to compete against your own progress or other members. Bluetooth-enabled sensors fit perfectly in your hand wraps, allowing the app to track the count and output of each punch.

The package itself comes with everything you need to start punching — a sturdy base, cushy punching bag, and a ring stand to hold the bag in place for all those nasty right hooks. My kit also came with a huge gym mat to catch all that sweat, something that’s sure to perspire during some of FightCamp’s full-body workouts.

In addition to the bag itself, FightCamp comes with a nice pair of white boxing gloves, hand wraps, and the aforementioned Bluetooth sensors. Everything was well packaged with cool branding, in my opinion.


The hardest part about setting up your FightCamp gym is the base itself. The company recommends using sand or water to get the required mass to keep that punching bag in place. I went for sand because, one, I live near the beach (I know), and two, I didn’t want to risk flooding my apartment. That being said, the base absolutely looked like it could hold the water safely — I just didn’t want to risk it.

Although the distance to the beach was minimal, filling this beast up and getting it home was a nightmare. I strongly recommend filling it up wherever you’re going to be using it because once it’s full, it’s a heavyweight for sure.

The rest of the setup is pretty intuitive. You register in the app, and once you pick a class, FightCamp walks you through getting your sensors charged and activated. After that, you’re ready to fight.

The FightCamp gym set up

Review of the FightCamp workouts

For being a fairly new product to the connected fitness world, FightCamp has a decent library of workouts to choose from. With over 1,000 workouts already and several more added each week, there was plenty for me to try out from a number of different current and former fighters, teaching various techniques.

This includes boxing, kickboxing, and even targeted body areas like lower, upper, or full-body workouts. I gravitated toward the full-body, eight-round boxing workouts, which included plenty of punching in addition to pushups, planks, and abs. I found I could get an intense workout in 30 minutes and was gassed every time I finished.

In trying various classes, I noticed a huge jump in quality over time. Some of the introductory and tutorial classes were clearly recorded near FightCamp’s inception, and while they do the job, some of the workouts seem disorganized. Furthermore, some of the trainers seem a little uncomfortable in front of the camera and with their own workouts.

That being said, it is obvious how much the content has improved compared to workouts shot this month, for example. The studio is remodeled, and trainers are more aware of where the camera is and do a much better job of relaying the complicated punch combinations to members.

The app

From a technical standpoint, the FightCamp app worked perfectly for me. I didn’t notice any glitches or crashes, and I had zero issues connecting my sensors before a workout… unless they were dead, but that’s on me.

However, I did find the content library difficult to navigate at times. There are “workouts of the day,” “recently added,” and several other categories to choose from, but as a novice in boxing, I wasn’t really sure where to begin or where to continue for my next session.

FightCamp does offer “Paths,” which are designed to guide you toward progress as a beginner and beyond, but I found a lot of the suggested content was short tutorials and not actual workouts, so I found myself skipping them because I just wanted to punch, sweat, and move on.

Once I was working out in FightCamp consistently for a week or so, I better understood how the workouts were categorized and had a better feel for what sort of workout was right for me. Speaking of workouts, FightCamp is unique in that it allows groups to work out together, even families.

In fact, the company even sells a “FightCamp Tribe” package that comes with two sets of adult gloves and one set of children’s gloves. I believe the old saying is, “A family that beats the snot out of a punching bag together, stays together,” or something like that.

Working abs during a FightCamp class

Review of music in FightCamp

I consider myself quite the audiophile and feel that music is a huge part of boxing… at least in all the boxing movies I’m a guaranteed sucker for (except Rocky V… yuck).

After trying various genres of music within the FightCamp app, I was pleased with the variety and quality of the songs available. I rarely found myself wanting to skip a track but was disappointed I couldn’t do so quickly and easily. Although, I’m not sure how that would be possible with those 16 oz gloves on!

Another cool feature is the ability to connect Apple Music or Spotify through the app. Essentially, you choose one while in the FightCamp app, and it will open Spotify, for example. You then choose your favorite Fall Out Boy or Mariah Carey playlist and then switch back to FightCamp. Your music will then play through the app, just like the other categories.

You’re then able to control the volume of the music versus the trainer’s voice. I recommend keeping the trainer’s volume up since you’re going to want to hear what he or she is explaining for form, especially if you’re new to the workouts.

FightCamp review: Final thoughts

Overall, I was very pleased with the entire FightCamp setup and plan to continue punching my way up the leaderboards. I’ve always wanted to try boxing workouts simply for the sheer fitness of them, and I can report that I enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Perhaps more.

For a fairly new product, there are still some content kinks to work out, but as I mentioned, the FightCamp team has already added major improvements to the quality and clarity of its workouts.

The Bluetooth sensors offer a cool added factor of tracking progress both against yourself and the rest of the FightCamp pack, which became an extra motivator for me to keep punching each time.

For even more information, you can see my detailed video review of FightCamp here:

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