Peloton announces Ride to Greatness competition with Alex Toussaint

Peloton has announced a Ride to Greatness competition with Alex Toussaint between #TeamActivate and #TeamValidate, racing each other live on the Leaderboard.

The competition will take place over six training rides and three all-out battles on the Peloton Bike or Bike+ to help your team go for the championship crown. The competition isn’t just you vs. the Leaderboard, but rather how high you can rise on the Leaderboard with your team. The metric used to judge success is the average combined output of your entire team.

This tournament is decided on the best of five competitions. If one team sweeps and wins all of the first three games, they’ll be crowned champion of the Ride to Greatness competition. Peloton hasn’t announced the dates for Game 4 or 5 yet, but they will be scheduled if needed to crown a champion.

To join the competition, add either #TeamActivate or #TeamValidate as your primary Leaderboard tag before the event kicks off. Count yourself in for the first training ride on 3/27.

CTW‘s take on Ride to Greatness

Peloton’s community is a big part of its success, and competitions like the Ride to Greatness reinforce that Peloton is more than just a bike with a screen, but rather an interactive community. I am thankful these events are on the weekends at times that will ensure the maximum amount of people will be able to attend. I would love to see the option to take them on-demand, though. The competition could be structured around taking the class at any point on a certain day and only counting the first class’s output.

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