From mopping gym floors to the ‘King of Quarantine’: Alex Toussaint’s story is one of inspiration

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As we mentioned a few days ago, Alex Toussaint appeared on the TODAY show to talk with Carson Daily about his journey to Peloton.

Alex is known for being one of the most intense instructors at Peloton, and he has a massive following of people who love his style. Alex’s journey to Peloton wasn’t without heartache, though.

Toussaint told TODAY’s Carson Daly that he had a “troubled childhood” and was “in and out of schools” growing up, and his father finally sent him to military school. While he thought of that as the “worst thing ever” at the time, he credits the skills he learned there for many of his achievements in life.

“I look back now and that military school was the foundation of all my discipline,” Toussaint said. “The way I conduct myself, the respect that I have for people. … You’ve heard me say a thousand times ‘No rider left behind.’ In the military, they say ‘No soldier left on the field,’ and that’s just been my motto and my mindset coming into the last seven years that I’ve been teaching.”

Years later, Alex found himself mopping floors at a gym, where he would listen to other instructors teach their classes. Inspired by the motivation they provided, he asked the gym owner if she would give him the chance to teach a class himself. Fast forward to 2015, Peloton called him.

He originally didn’t plan to take the offer.

“At first I was like, ‘I’m not going to Peloton, I just went from the darkest time in my life and I’m happy right now internally. I’m shining externally. I just figured it out for once,'” Toussaint said. “But (the studio owner) was like ‘Listen, you want to be the greatest of all time on the bike, you need to go spread your wings.'”

Check out the entire video to hear Alex’s journey from mopping the floors of a gym to being the person that kept many people motivated during 2020.

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