The most popular person during lockdown: a Peloton delivery person

When gyms were closed in 2020 due to worldwide lockdowns, the Peloton delivery person became a local celebrity as people looking to stay in shape flocked to the connected fitness company.

Peloton uses a host of delivery options as they can’t rely on companies like UPS and Fedex to deliver their Bikes and Treads. They use freight companies like XPO in more rural areas, and they also have their own delivery vans in major cities.

On Vox, a Peloton delivery person was interviewed about their experience delivery Peloton’s products during a pandemic.

It was just, “How can we still deliver a great experience in a different way, in a way that’s safe for the delivery person and the customer?” We were in constant communication with who we were delivering to. Just keeping them informed of what will happen when we arrive, and asking them if they wanted us to do anything specific to keep them comfortable. Now, when we go into a house we have our masks on, gloves on, and foot coverings. But it goes down to the tools that we use, too. When we use tools to set up the bikes, we don’t let them touch the floor when we set them down.

Right now, with the numbers of the virus spiking, we’re doing a version of delivery where we spend 15 to 20 minutes maximum in their home. We just connect it to the wifi and make sure everything is up and running. After we exit, we get in the van and we walk them through all of their questions. Even in the midst of this, we’re not leaving them hanging.

Marion Eason has been delivering Peloton products for over two years, so she knows the products like the back of her hand and can get new riders up to speed on how to use the product over the phone after quickly installing the product.

Eason also mentioned that while she was anxious about entering customer’s homes, she was also apart of a group bringing people joy in a scary time.

And also, a part of me was thinking how we were some of the only people who were rocking and rolling back in March [2020]. You wanted to bring a little bit of joy to someone. To know that us showing up with a bike and having a quick interaction, it made a difference. That helped comfort me.

Eason also said that she heard many new customers mention that a lot of people had evaluated how much they were spending on gym memberships, and Peloton became a great alternative that they are likely to continue with after the pandemic is over.

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