Adidas announces partnership with Peloton

Peloton Adidas

Adidas’ GM Global Training shared a (very) brief press announcement outlining a new partnership with Peloton. The full details of the partnership have yet to be outlined, but here’s what we know so far.

In the official press release on the Adidas website, GM of Global Training, Aimee Arana, announced the following:

I’m proud to announce our partnership with Peloton, the leading interactive fitness platform. Together we see great potential to surprise and delight our highly engaged communities by multiplying the power of both brand in a number of exciting ways.

What exciting ways Arana is referring to still remains unknown. Regardless, this announcement represents a huge collaboration for two world-renowned fitness brands. For Peloton in particular, a partnership with a colossal household brand like Adidas helps solidify its status as the leading connected fitness platform.

Arana spoke further:

Our shared values around well-being, inclusivity, and community provide an incredible foundation and we look forward to bringing these brands together.

It’s interesting that Adidas recognized this culture and wants to be a part of it. Since its inception, Peloton has worked tirelessly to create a tight-knit community that promotes diversity and health. It has succeeded thus far. Adidas’ global status will set a much larger stage for the fitness brand. Additionally, it could very well lead to many more members.

Peloton x Adidas Apparel?

In working with an apparel brand like Adidas, Peloton may be considering expanding. That is, expanding further outside the realm of fitness equipment and proprietary content. Peloton currently has its own apparel shop on its website.

However, perhaps Adidas will be taking over manufacturing that apparel? Or perhaps Adidas will provide custom apparel exclusive to the Peloton store. We may one day see people wearing Peloton gear as street fashion. There’s an endless number of possibilities with Adidas involved.

Twitter user @ClipOutCrystal shared what looks like leaked images of the upcoming apparel. We can’t confirm the legitimacy of these articles just yet, but it is understandable to see dual-branded apparel out there regardless.

For now, however, we can only confirm the partnership. Check back to Connect The Watts for updates on Peloton and Adidas as new details come to light.

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