Christmas Gift Guide: The best gifts for Peloton and connected fitness fans

Whenever it gets under 100 days to Christmas, my mind starts thinking about the season. I love everything about Christmas, but one of my favorite things is taking some time off work and getting in longer workouts. If you’ve got a Peloton fan in your life or even just looking for some recommendations, here’s the CTW Christmas Gift Guide for Peloton and connected fitness fans

JAXJOX Dumbbell Connect

The JAXJOX dumbbells should be an instant hit this Christmas season. It’s the first set of digital dumbbells on the market, and its closest competitor is just as expensive without any of the connect fitness support. Even if you just need a set of dumbbells to use with Peloton’s strength classes, I highly recommend them. With Bluetooth connectivity, changing the weight on one dumbbell automatically changes it on the other. You can also use the JAXJOX iPhone app to take classes and control the weights.

Peloton Fan

One of the main reasons I purchased a Peloton bike was to avoid running outside in the humid summers here in Chattanooga. That doesn’t mean indoor rides can’t make you sweat, though. I use this fan as a way to keep cool during my Peloton rides.

I chose this fan because the bendable legs would allow me to wrap it around the handles of the bike so it would be right at my face. As you can see in the image, it sits just enough off to the side to not impact my view of the screen but still remains in place. Read my review to learn more about it.

Peloton Shoe Holder

If you want an easy way to keep your Peloton shoes off the floor, then check out this Peloton Shoe Holder. The two-pack will be perfect for a couple who rides together. It hangs on the back of your bike and keeps your shoes from ending up in the dog’s mouth.

Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor that Peloton sells isn’t worth the money, and this comes from someone who ordered it. After fumbling with it for a few weeks, I switched to the Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor and haven’t looked back.

The Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor is compatible with all Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ (Peloton requires ANT+) enabled devices and equipment: watches, fitness equipment, and smartphones.

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Peloton: AirPods Pro

Even if you don’t have an iPhone, the AirPods Pro are my favorite headphones for riding. Featuring a charging case, AirPods Pro can be used for 24 hours of listening time before the case will need to be charged again. On a single charge, you can ride for over four hours. Once you’re out of battery, you can change them from a lightning cable or a wireless charger.

Towel Rack

Keep yourself dry during those long workouts with a towel rack and microfiber towel. The rack can be attached to either side of the Peloton screen so your towel is always ready to go.

Peloton Phone Holder

If you have the original Peloton Bike, check out this Peloton phone holder. It sits on top of the screen as it is compatible with even the largest of smartphones. It fit iPhone 11, 11 Pro/Max, X, XR, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, most Samsung Galaxys, and other phones. Although we don’t have the dimensions just yet, it’s likely to be compatible with the upcoming iPhone 12 as well.

If you have a Bike+, check out this model for a compatible Peloton phone holder.

Apple Watch Series 6

The new Bike+ includes support for Apple’s GymKit technology, so an Apple Watch Series 6 is a great addition. With GymKit, the Apple Watch will be able to send its HR monitoring to the Peloton Bike+. All of your workout information will then be sent back to the watch to help close your rings, etc.

Peloton Accessories Kit Review

While I love the Peloton shoes and Peloton weights, I don’t believe the other accessories are worth the money. I reviewed it earlier this summer, so check it out if you’re considering adding it on to your Bike or Bike+ purchase. In short, the Essentials kit is a decent value, but there are better heart rate monitors and headphones for less money, and the mat isn’t needed by everyone.

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