Review: 6″ battery-powered fan for Peloton bike

One of the main reasons I purchased a Peloton bike was to avoid running outside in the humid summers here in Chattanooga. That doesn’t mean indoor rides aren’t hot, though.

After riding without a fan for a few months, I went searching for one to help keep me cool during the 45 minute+ rides. I researched multiple options on Amazon, and ended up purchasing a 6″ 10,000 mAh battery powered fan.

I chose this fan because the bendable legs would allow me to wrap it around the handles of the bike so it would be right at my face. As you can see in the image, its sits just enough off to the side to not impact my view of the screen, but still remains in place.

Battery wise, after charging for a few hours, it’s been fantastic. It’s rated at 53 hours of run time, so you’ll only have to charge it after multiple long rides. I’ll likely end up charging it once a month, but I don’t even think that’ll be necessary. It charges using a micro USB cable that’s included in the box.

Comfort-wise, it includes 4 speeds depending on how much air you want to flow. There are two buttons on the back of the fan. One is to turn off, and the other is to change the speed. It’s extremely quiet, so you can stay cool even if someone is taking a nap in the same room. The product materials rate it at 57dB.

Overall, it’s extremely flexible, low cost, and has a long-lasting battery. If Peloton made a fan add on for its bikes, it would look something like this fan. If you’re looking to stay cool while riding, you’ll definitely want to check it out on Amazon.

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