Bob and Brad D6 Pro Massage Gun review – pretty much a lower-priced Theragun Pro

Bob and Brad massage guns tend to be a lower-quality, less expensive alternative to more recognizable brand names like Theragun and Hypervolt. However, this cannot be said about the new D6 Pro Massage Gun. While still at an affordable price, the D6 Pro turns out to be one of the highest-quality massage guns we have tested.

Bob and Brad D6 Pro Massage Gun review – video

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What is included

The Bob & Brad D6 Pro comes with a zip-up carrying case, which contains the following:

  • additional head-attachment case
  • 7 high-quality attachable heads
  • USB-C cable and wall plug-in
  • 86-page massage gun manual

It is always nice to see everything fit within an included case. (I’m looking at you, Hypervolt.) The additional attachment case keeps the seven attachable heads organized and not falling all over the place. I also like the included manual, which should help new users get an idea of how to use the massage gun effectively.

The D6 Pro comes with an 86-page massage gun manual

D6 Pro design

The Bob and Brad D6 Pro is very obviously a knockoff of the Theragun Pro. It so closely resembles it in both form and function that Theragun’s legal team will likely find some patent infringement here. That being said, the design here is excellent.

While much of the body is made from plastic, it feels and looks well-made. And while the overall shape of the handle does not feel as nice to hold on to as the Theragun Pro, it is not a huge difference.

The arm on the D6 Pro can be adjusted into five positions, making it easy to use from a variety of angles. And while it is a bit large (10.5 inches high, 7.6 inches wide, and 3.1 inches thick) and heavy (2.86 pounds), this is comparable to specs on similarly high-powered massage guns.

Theragun Pro on left; D6 Pro on right


On the handle sits an OLED display with an up and down button. With these, you can turn the D6 Pro on or off, adjust the speed, and change the mode type (by holding the bottom button).

The four available modes are:

  1. Mode M1: the standard mode, which allows you to adjust speeds as you like
  2. Mode M2: an incremental mode that cycles the Pulse Rate from 1500RPM to 2500RPM every 5 seconds and then repeats
  3. Mode M3: a decreasing mode, which is similar to M2 but cycles from a high to low Pulse Rate
  4. Mode M4: a mode that adjusts the speed up every 2 seconds, and then once at the top, takes down the speed every 2 seconds

Personally, I prefer just to leave the massage gun set in the standard M1 Mode, but it is nice to see that these additional options have been included.

OLED display with two control buttons


The Bob and Brad D6 Massage Gun comes with seven attachable heads:

  • large ball head
  • standard ball head
  • damping head
  • air cushion head
  • flat head
  • bullet head
  • spade head

These feel well-made with quality construction.

Oddly, a fork-shaped head is not included, though one is included with other Bob and Brad massage guns.

Attachment case holds all seven heads

Stall force, amplitude, and PPM

Stall force is how much pressure you can apply before a massage gun is forced to stop. Similar to the powerful Theragun Pro, the D6 Pro has around 80 pounds of stall force. This is enough stall force to withstand even the most aggressive use.

Amplitude is the distance the head of the gun goes back and forth. The smaller the distance, the more of a vibrational feel a massage gun has to it. The larger the distance, the more of a punchy feel it has. The D6 Pro has a whopping 16 mm amplitude (which I really like) and is almost twice the distance of Bob and Brad’s other massage guns.

PPM is how many percussions per minute the massage gun is capable of. Typically with higher amplitudes, you want to have the massage gun be capable of lower speeds. And here, there are six-speed settings, ranging from 1500-2500RPM, which is a solid range.

The stall force here is extremely impressive

Noise and battery

In terms of noise, the Bob and Brad D6 Pro is neither overly loud nor is it super silent. The noise level is similar to the Theragun Pro 5th Gen, if not a little bit more quiet, though the sound is different. (See the video to listen.)

The battery here is similar to most high-quality massage guns and should last between 2-3 hours, though it does not include a removable battery and so it may be a bit more limited for professional use.

Price and final thoughts

The price is where the Bob & Brad D6 Pro really stands out. It has close to the same specs as the leading Theragun Pro (which costs $599) but is only a fraction of the cost at $250.

The only thing that holds this massage gun back is it being such an obvious copy of the Theragun Pro. Several other companies sued by Theragun for patent infringement are now no longer around. So if you want a really good massage gun at a pretty much unbeatable price, you may want to check it out sooner than later.

Buy Bob and Brad D6 Pro here

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