Bob & Brad X6 Pro Massage Gun review

In this review, we are taking a look at the Bob & Brad X6 Pro Massage Gun. Bob & Brad are the self-proclaimed “Most Famous Physical Therapists on the Internet.” With currently over 4 million subscribed to their YouTube channel, that title is likely fairly accurate. That being said, how does their premium X6 Pro Massage Gun hold up? Read below to find out.

Overview of the Bob & Brad X6 Pro

The Bob & Brad X6 Pro is a lightweight, well designed massage gun with a lot to offer for being a low-cost option. There is a nice variety of included attachment heads (including a metal head which is actually fairly useful), and a well-built case to hold it all together.

While the stroke length here is a step up from Bob & Brad’s other massage guns (10.5mm vs 8mm), it is still a little short of what many may find optimal (12-14mm). That said, this is a great entry-level massage gun at a more affordable price than most.

Bob & Brad X6 Pro specs

Weight1.9 lbs
Speeds5 levels, 2000-3200 rpm
Stroke Length10.5 mm
Stall Force44 lbs
Noise 55 dB
Attachments5 (included one metal head)
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty

What is included with the Bob & Brad X6 Pro

Massage Gun

The X6 Pro has a fairly nice design. While the outer shell is mostly made from plastic, it does not feel or look cheap. The handle has a comfortable silicone grip, and the shaft holding the attachments is made with durable titanium.

At 1.9lbs, the X6 Pro feels very light which adds to its comfort while using it. In terms of controls, there is a simple one-button setup on the back. You can hold the button to turn the massage gun on or off, and tap to cycle through the five available speeds.

There are five LED lights on the back to indicate which speed setting you are using, as well as an additional four LED lights near the bottom of the handle to indicate the battery life. Each of these bottom lights represent 25% of total remaining battery life.

Wall charger

The wall charger included connects to the DC charging port at the bottom of the X6 Pro massage gun. There is a battery capacity of 2500mAh, which with normal use should last most users around a week of use. The X6 Pro takes around three hours to get a full charge, which is fairly standard for a battery of this size.


The X6 Pro comes with a well organized zip-up carrying case. Not all massage guns come with a case (I’m look at you Hypervolt!), so this is a well appreciated inclusion.


There are five attachments included with the Bob & Brad X6 Pro. There is a:

  • Air Cushioned Head
  • Ball Head
  • Bullet Head
  • Fork Head
  • Flat Head (metal)

Outside of the metal flat head, the rest of the heads are fairly standard and similar to what come with most massage guns. That said, they all are built well and feel similar in quality to other higher priced massage guns.

The metal flat head is definitely the standout though. While not the first massage gun to have a metal head included, it is the first I have seen to screw in for more security. This seems very smart as the last thing you want is to accidentally have it come out and damage something (or somebody) around you.

I do really like how this metal head feels, and it is probably going to be what most people stick to to get deeper on larger, less sensitive muscle groups.

The metal head also allows for the possibility of cold and headed massage. Since it is as simple as keeping the metal head in your freezer for cold massage, this is definitely a benefit for those that need it.

Bob & Brad X6 Pro performance


The X6 Pro massage gun comes with five available speeds ranging from 2,000-3,200 rpm. This is a good range for most uses. Speed range isn’t the most important thing to consider when choosing a massage gun, but it is still always nice to know it has a bit of range to work with.

Stroke length

Stroke length (or amplitude) is the distance at which the massage gun moves the attachment head back and forth. Bob & Brad increased the stroke length for the X6 Pro to 10.5mm compared to their other massage guns which just have 8mm.

While this is good, and helps make the X6 Pro significantly better, it is still a bit short compared to where I prefer it. Generally most find the 12mm-14mm to be the sweet spot for massage guns, with some even preferring a bit more. The more the stroke length, the less important the higher speeds become.

That said, 10.5mm is definitely not bad for those newer to massage guns. Some may even prefer the comfort of a smaller stroke length since it feels less “punchy.”

Stall force

Stall force is a measurement of simply how much pressure you can apply with the massage gun. Bob & Brad claim the X6 Pro has a stall force of 44lbs and while this is hard to measure, it does seem a little exaggerated.

Almost all massage guns seem to be rated for more stall force than they actually have, so this isn’t unique to just Bob & Brad. The stall force for the X6 Pro is likely between 30-40 lbs. in reality.


The noise level is rated at 55dB which seems correct to me. In fact, it is actually a bit quieter on the lower settings. This low noise level is definitely better than many other more ‘budget-friendly’ massage guns, and comparable with more expensive alternatives.

Is the Bob & Brad X6 Pro Massage Gun worth it?

Given the low cost of the Bob & Brad X6 Pro (typically $150 or less), it is definitely worth looking into. It is a great entry-level massage gun, with some nice additions like the metal flat head and carrying case.

While it may not have the stroke length to compete against some more expensive alternatives, it is a more budget friendly option for beginners.

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