New Altis AI fitness trainer is like a Peloton Guide on ‘roids

Altis, a connected fitness technology company, is launching today what may be the most advanced AI fitness trainer currently available. Similar to the Peloton Guide, Altis utilizes cameras with computer vision which plug directly into a television or monitor. However, compared to the Peloton Guide, Altis offers a significant amount of beefed up AI tech and features.

Altis has been in development for three years and claims to be the first “meaningful convergence of exercise science and computer science that sees, understands, and personally instructs users through a gamified, mixed-reality experience.”

Altis itself holds multiple cameras on its soundbar-sized console which is designed to be plugged into a television or monitor.

There are three AI systems included that promise to make Altis significantly more advanced than anything released prior. Here is what we know about them so far:

Altis BodyGPS™

BodyGPS™ is a patented, sensorless motion capture system (currently being validated by the University of Miami Biomechanics Lab) that uses cameras to recognize where every part of the user’s body is, including rotation of joints, within one-centimeter accuracy. BodyGPS is not only a perfect 3D model; it is a 4D model due to its unique ability to detect joint velocity, which is used to determine the user’s fatigue in real-time to prescribe and manage weight, reps, and sets better than a human eye ever could.


AltisVision™ is an immersive, gamified UI component that leverages BodyGPS™ to display a real-time avatar of the user’s body from an optimal perspective along with on-screen graphical targets and visual cues to instruct proper form. This mixed reality feature pulls and engages the user in an experience that makes training fun and effective. 

Altis Cerebrus™

Cerebrus™ is an AI deep learning model that builds hyper-personalized training plans and makes programming and exercise decisions based on dozens of active and passive user variables that are indistinguishable from trained professionals (validated through double-blind QA). The software learns from users’ behavior in the short and long term to create a program that is optimal for them.

Jeff Halevy, Altis CEO and co-founder, said, “I wanted to create a product that would be affordable and reliable compared to the cost of personal trainers, didn’t add any more screens to our homes, was more than just another fitness content streaming platform, and, most importantly, would be easy enough for my mom or sister to use. The current connected fitness market is missing real, science-backed programming and true innovation. Altis fills this need so that people can train with peace of mind knowing exactly what to do and how to do it safely and effectively for their own body and goals.”

Altis has partnered with health clubs and hospitality companies like LA Fitness and Hyatt, which will put Altis in over 1,000 health clubs and fitness centers in the next 12 months. 

As of today, Altis is available for purchase at a discounted launch price ($1,199) on and will ship to consumers by the end of summer, when it will also be available for wider consumer purchase on the brand’s website. 

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