Is Peloton headed to France next?

Peloton France

During a town hall today hosted by Club Industry, the new GM of Peloton Commercial (and CEO at Precor, which Peloton now owns), Rob Barker, briefly mentioned that French language classes were on their way to Peloton. No timeline or other details were provided, but given the company’s international growth goals and upcoming entry into Australia, is Peloton headed to France next?

For France to be the next country for Peloton to go into after Australia makes sense for a few reasons.

The first of which is market size. Peloton has stated previously it only plans to add a small number of new territories each year, so it wants to focus on countries that hold the largest fitness markets first. According to, France had the world’s seventh-largest gym market in 2019. This is between Canada (sixth-largest) and Australia (eighth-largest), both of which are markets Peloton is now in. So from a numbers perspective, France seems like a good fit.

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Secondly, if Peloton does go into France next, the additional French language classes can help in other ways. Specifically, it might allow the brand to capture more of the Canadian market, where over 22% of the population speak French.

Peloton is also currently rolling out Spanish language classes, but unlike French, there are 43 million Spanish-speaking Americans. So having Spanish classes does not really reveal as much about international expansion plans compared to the addition of French classes.

Peloton has made no announcements about new French language classes or plans to head to France yet and is still currently rolling out new Spanish language classes, but we will be keeping our eye out for any updates as they come in.

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