How to book a virtual Peloton showroom appointment

Virtual Peloton Showroom

As we hopefully and cautiously travel down the home stretch of a global pandemic, the way we interact, work, and shop remains undoubtedly changed. Thanks to the unfortunate circumstances and advances in technology, you can now visit a virtual Peloton showroom from the comfort of your home before buying. Here’s how to do it.

Like most others, you may have been cooped up at home the past year, unable to visit your gym or favorite spin class. A Peloton Bike or Tread is a wonderful solution, but at a significant price.

You’ll want to do your homework before committing to such a purchase, followed by a monthly fee thereafter. Perhaps you already have, or perhaps you visited a showroom B.C. (Before COVID) but need a refresher course. Maybe you’re now interested in the new Tread+. No matter the reason, a visit to a virtual Peloton showroom can be a great resource for you.

More likely than not, most of the answers to your questions are available somewhere on the Peloton website, Peloton blog, or various forums. But why spend time searching through piecemeal answers when you can get all the information quickly and easily from a Peloton staff member?

In this sense, the virtual Peloton showroom is a great place to start, whether you’re well versed in the company or not. Here’s the easiest way to arrange your virtual visit.

Arranging a virtual Peloton showroom appointment

First, you’ll need to visit Peloton’s website. Next, you’ll click the icon that looks like a mapping arrow in the top right corner. It’s located to the left of the tiny person “membership” icon and the shopping “cart” icon.

From the dropdown menu, select “Schedule a virtual appointment.” Next, a chat window will pop up and an automated assistant will walk you through the next steps. It will ask for your email and phone number as well as which Peloton product(s) you’re interested in.

From there, it will ask when you’d like to book an appointment – “today, tomorrow, this week, or later.” You then share which US state you are in and which area. The automated system will share several showrooms nearby and allow you to choose one.

From there, you will see the available dates and times and choose a window that best fits your schedule.

Note that if you say you’d like to visit a virtual Peloton showroom “now,” you may be connected directly with a staff member who will email you a zoom link to begin the tour. If no one is available at that given moment, you will need to schedule a specific time later using the steps above.

Taking your Peloton tour

When you’ve successfully booked a virtual appointment, a zoom link will be sent to the email you shared. You simply click the link and you’re in. The best part is, you will be able to see and hear the staff member and their surroundings using your phone or computer, but they will not be able to see you.

So you will be able to speak to your Peloton staff member and ask questions without having to wash your hair or put actual clothes on. While you’re in your virtual Peloton showroom appointment, the staff member on hand is at your complete disposal to answer any questions, or explain anything you’re curious about. This includes comparing hardware side by side, or even hopping on a machine to give you a closer look.

After all your questions have been answered, your new digital Peloton friend will send you a follow-up email detailing your visit and everything they went over with you. So to recap, you don’t have to leave the house, get dressed, or remember anything. Peloton handles it all for you. Not a bad deal.

Now, you may be a bit tired of video chats after the previous year, but this is one worth trying. Even as businesses finally begin opening their doors to the public again, a virtual appointment in a Peloton showroom should remain a valuable tool for those who are busy, who don’t have a physical showroom nearby, or those who quite simply don’t want to go out in public.

Even if you plan on eventually visiting a showroom to physically touch a Peloton for yourself, the virtual appointment is a great place to start your connected fitness journey.

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