Comment: A swivel screen for Peloton will create an opportunity to string together different types of workouts

One of the additions to Peloton’s new Bike+ is a larger screen that will swivel to the other side of the bike. What benefit will this bring for Peloton customers?

One of the aspects of the JAXJOX InteractiveStudio that really interested me was the ability to rotate the screen to better fit the space and different types of workouts. Instead of needing a dedicated TV in your workout area, JAXJOX brings its own screen with a customized UI. With the new Bike+ and the rotating screen, Bike Bootcamp classes will become a reality.

We’re also excited to introduce Bike Bootcamp, a highly-requested class format that will be available to all Peloton Members starting September 15. Taught by Peloton’s VP of Fitness Programming and Head Instructor Robin Arzón, Peloton instructor Jess Sims, and Director of Cycling Cody Rigsby, Bike Bootcamp is a total body workout, integrating strength training with Peloton’s well-known cardio programming to take your training to the next level.

With the current bike, I use my Peloton bike to ride, but then I switch to the Apple TV app when I want to do strength, stretching, or yoga workouts. Thankfully, the room I work out in already has a TV, but what if it didn’t? This is where the swivel screen will come in handy.

After my ride is over, all I would need to do is flip the screen around and continue with my workouts using the touchscreen. The Apple TV app isn’t as well-organized as the Peloton touch screen, either, so I’d actually prefer to stick to the stock Peloton UI, but with where my bike is, I have no room to work out in a place where I could still see the screen.

This new swivel addition will open up opportunities for multi-part workouts in the future. Part one of a workout could be a 20-minute ride, then it could move into a 10-minute arm workout, and then finish up with a five-minute stretch. Right now, you’d have to start on the bike, finish the ride, and then move to Peloton digital. In the future, it’ll be possible to string together multiple types of workouts into a single timeline.

What do you think about Peloton’s new swivel screen on Bike+?

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