Muse S Headband (Gen. 2) review: Surprisingly effective digital peace of mind

Muse S Headband

Following the fall launch of the second-generation Muse S headband, I was able to try one out for myself and see what this “digital sleep pill” was all about. In addition to testing the Muse S headband’s non-pharmaceutical sleep support, I also took a look at its meditation guidance to find that inner peace we all long for. Here’s how it went.

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Muse launches 2nd gen. S headband that offers non-pharmaceutical sleep support

Neurotechnology and meditation company Muse recently announced the launch of its second-generation Muse S headband for sleep support. This headband is a non-pharmaceutical alternative that uses real-time biofeedback to help you fall asleep and stay there. Should you wake up, the new Muse S now offers “digital sleep pills” to gently fade out its audio and cue your brain that it’s time for sleep.

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