How to use Backtrack on Apple Watch and Apple Watch Ultra

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Backtrack is a mode you activate on the Apple Watch Compass app to keep track of your route, so you can easily retrace your steps in case you get lost. Here’s how to use Backtrack on both the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Ultra.

To start recording route with Backtrack:

  • Go to your apps, open the Compass app;
  • Press the “Backtrack” button (footsteps at bottom right-hand side of display)

The Apple Watch will begin to record your route.

To retrace your steps with Backtrack:

  • Go to your apps, open the Compass app;
  • Press the “Pause” icon (located where footsteps icon was on bottom right-hand side);
  • Tap “Retrace Steps.”

You will be able to follow along a path on the Compass app to return to the point when you first turned on Backtrack. 

When you are finished and back at your starting point, tap the Backtrack icon one more time and select “Delete Steps.”

With the Apple Watch Ultra, you can also start Backtrack with the action button. To do this:

  • Open Settings;
  • Scroll down to Action Button;
  • Tap Action;
  • Select Backtrack.

Now you will be able to start Backtrack by pressing the action button, and you can also pause Backtrack by pressing the Action + Side buttons at the same time.

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