Peloton patent updates reveal potential new Accuracy Rating and more

Bob Treemore is at it again, having discovered a large number of updated Peloton patents. These changes reveal potential updates to the Peloton leaderboard, pop-ups during classes, and a new accuracy rating.

While the following updates to Peloton’s patents may be indicative of future updates, they are not a guarantee. That said, they do give some insight into how Peloton is moving forward to improve its platform.

The first patent update listed by Treemore is in regards to a new “Accuracy Rating.” Treemore wrote, “A frequent community request is obtaining feedback on how well a member has adhered to class instruction (cadence, resistance, incline, speed ranges, etc).” The potential new Accuracy Rating metric is shown here on the Peloton workout screen, leaderboard, as well as the post workout stats page:

Another big update to one of Peloton’s patents is to allow for pop-up windows to appear while taking classes to give “encouraging messages, explanations, comments, questions…notifications, and/or other information provided by the instructor during the exercise class.”

According to Treemore, Peloton has recently begun tracking more metadata from class averages. This data can be used to give members more precise information in regards to the level of difficulty and member performance for each class.

Finally, Treemore added that a patent confirms Peloton has been using Aquido’s natural language processing to assist instructor-stated ranges for display to the screen.

Many regular Peloton users have noticed a significant drop in accuracy for these ranges lately. Now know Peloton’s inconsistent AI is to blame, rather than their interns!

Even more patents have been updated, including the potential of having video pop-ups during both live and on-demand classes. You can check it all out here.

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