Is the Peloton Rower canceled? All public mentions of Peloton Rower removed

Peloton has recently removed all mentions of its recently teased rower, including a post on Twitter and Instagram. This should be concerning for anyone who may have been excited to possibly buy a Peloton Rower later this year.

At its Homecoming Event in May, Peloton included a short teaser for their long-anticipated rower. The short clip featuring Peloton instructor Adrian Williams announced the rower with a vague release day of “later this year.”

With all public mentions of the Peloton Rower now removed from Peloton’s social media, there is a possibility that the rower may have been canceled.

The Twitter link, mentioned on this Reddit post, has been deleted. As well as an Instagram post which, according to another Reddit post, had read:

“We’re G[row]ing: The rumors are true – Peloton will be bringing its best-in-class fitness experience to the world of rowing! Combining cardio and strength – Peloton is excited to add this total body workout into its powerhouse arsenal of content and grow its connect.”

Of course, there are other possibilities for removing these posts. One of which is that there could have been a last-minute change to the overall design. In that case, the media posts could have been removed to help cause less confusion if the final version of the Peloton Rower looks different.

A possible reason for a delay or redesign for the Peloton Rower is a recent settlement made with competitor iFIT. The settlement included payments Peloton would have to make to continue using the auto-adjust feature on the Peloton Bike+, which is patented by iFIT. Peloton may have designed the rower with a similar feature and chose to remove it, thus changing some of the design.

This post is still up on Peloton instructor Adrian Williams’s Instagram account.

However, nothing new has been announced regarding the Peloton Rower, so it is anyone’s guess as to why the public mentions were removed. We recently traveled to Peloton HQ to take part in their first in-person live class and did not see or hear of any news while there.

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