JAXJOX Interactive Studio: In-depth review

In this JAXJOX Interactive Studio review, we will cover everything you should know before you decide to buy. JAXJOX has combined all of its smart equipment into a unique all-in-one connected home fitness center. Read (or watch) below to get the full scoop.

JAXJOX Interactive Studio video review

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A quick overview of the JAXJOX Interactive Studio

The JAXJOX Interactive Studio is an all-in-one home fitness solution that connects to both live and on-demand classes. The included 43″ rotating 4K touchscreen allows classes to be taken in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

Included here are over 142 pounds of smart free weights, a digital push-up bar, a vibrating foam roller, and a heart rate monitor.

JAXJOX Interactive Studio specs

Total Weight418 lbs
Dimensions35.3″ W x 28″ L x 80.3″ H
Display43″ 4K Touchscreen
LED backlight
Rotates vertically and horizontally
Speakers20W Sound Bar
Included EquipmentAdjustable Smart Dumbbell x 2
Adjustable Smart Kettlebell
Digital Pushup Bar
Vibrating Foam Roller
Heart Rate Arm Band
Rep TrackingYes
Weight TrackingYes
Form FeedbackNo
MembershipInitial 12-months required ($39 per month)
Warranty1 year – product warranty
3 year – weight plate warranty
1 year – labor warranty

Using the JAXJOX Interactive Studio

4K Display

The 43″ rotating 4K touchscreen attached here looks super crisp with great contrast that’s enhanced by its LED backlight. It looks so nice that it almost felt wrong to be touching it with my sweaty fingers. However, the touchscreen is very responsive to a light touch, so it does a decent job of avoiding fingerprint smudging.

Unique to the JAXJOX Interactive Studio is that the touchscreen is motorized to be able to rotate from a vertical to a horizontal display. I actually preferred the horizontal orientation for most classes but would switch to the vertical orientation during times I wanted to more easily see my metrics.

After each class, the screen does rotate back to the vertical orientation, since the home screen and menus are not able to rotate like the classes. Also, it should be noted that rotating the screen forces the class to reload the video in its new orientation. Depending on your internet connection, that can take some time, so it is best to set up the screen to your preference before the class starts.

Additionally, the motorized display is also able to tilt downward. Since the screen is relatively high off the ground, this makes it easier to follow along with the class when performing movements on the floor.

Located on the back of the screen is a 20-watt sound bar. While not anything impressive, they usually do a decent job in most classes. You can also control the volume of both the instructor and the music separately, which makes it easier to create a nice setup.

JAXJOX Smart Adjustable Dumbbells

The included smart adjustable dumbbells (which JAXJOX has named ‘DumbbellConnect’) sit upon two racks attached underneath the display. These dumbbell racks can be lowered or raised, depending on your preferred height. I choose to move them to the lowest position so I wouldn’t have to curl the weights up to rack them.

Each JAXJOX dumbbell can be adjusted from 8 to 50 pounds in increments of 6 pounds. Adjusting the weights is fairly fast and easy via the controls on the touchscreen. Once a weight is selected, the adjustment takes between three to five seconds and then beeps to let you know it is ready.

The dumbbells can also be adjusted with buttons placed on the racks themselves. While this is not quite as smooth as using the screen, it is a nice option to have when the JAXJOX is powered off. Each holds a battery charge so that the dumbbells can be adjusted even with the entire unit unplugged (or when your power goes out).

The dumbbells themselves look and feel very well made. The center knurling is grippy but still comfortable, and the adjustable plates are compact. Even at the heavier loads, they are not bulky at all, as is often the case with adjustable dumbbells

Within the JAXJOX dumbbells are gyroscope accelerometers, which allow for it to track your reps and power output. These metrics are sent to the display in real time via Bluetooth so you can see them while you work out. While I found this to occasionally be useful and motivating, its low level of accuracy would often make the metrics not worth my attention.

JAXJOX does not differentiate the rep counting between exercises, so the accuracy varies from movement to movement. Additionally, when performing movements with both dumbbells at once, JAXJOX registers each dumbbell individually which causes your rep count to double. This is an area that I hope can be improved in the future to make the metrics more accurate and useful.

JAXJOX Smart Adjustable Kettlebell

The JAXJOX kettlebell included work very much like the dumbbells. The “KettlebellConnect 2.0” is adjustable in 6-pound increments from 12–42 pounds. Adjustments can be made via the screen or on included kettlebell rack.

I’ve used this kettlebell before and had mixed feelings about it. I really like how the handle feels and the overall size and shape of the bell. It being big and round at all weights increases the surface area of contact, so when it lands on your forearms during certain movements like cleans or snatches, it doesn’t hurt or bruise as easily as smaller kettlebells.

The two issues I had with this kettlebell when I previously tested it have both been fixed here. One issue was how long it took for the weights to adjust. JAXJOX has more than fixed that issue as its weight adjustment seems almost instant with the Studio.

The other issue I had was getting the kettlebell to connect correctly with the JAXJOX app. That is not a problem I have encountered with the Interactive Studio.

The JAXJOX kettlebell is also able to track reps and display your wattage in real time. Similar to the dumbbells, the accuracy of this is largely dependent on the movement you are performing.

JAXJOX Digital Pushup Bar

JAXJOX’s digital pushup bar may seem strange at first, but it is actually something that I have come to enjoy using. The handles can each be adjusted in one of four positions, allowing for both narrow and wide grip variations. These handles also can rotate so you have lots of control over your body’s positioning.

The elevated handles also allow those with limited wrist flexibility to more easily perform pushups and burpees. Additionally, the added height gives extra range of motion to the pushup, which is perfect for those wanting an extra challenge.

Like the other included smart equipment, the digital pushup bar is also able to count your reps and power output. With a more limited range of movements (mostly pushups and burpees), I have found the rep tracking to be very accurate.

JAXJOX Vibrating Foam Roller

I’ve tested out a lot of vibrating foam rollers, and this one is definitely one of the best in terms of feel. There is a nice balance of firmness and texture included here – firm enough to deliver good results, but not too much so to make it unusable for those newer to foam rolling.

The smart settings on the JAXJOX foam roller, though, are completely useless. The interface is a little tough to use and needs to be reset every three minutes. You can select the activity you did and which muscle group you would like to work on, although the foam roller will do nothing different.

If you stay away from these options, it works great, outside of the annoying three-minute timer (even the coaches seem annoyed by it during class). Hopefully, they can come out with a firmware update to eliminate this in the future.

JAXJOX Interactive Studio metrics and stat tracking

While it has potential, the JAXJOX Interactive Studios’ metrics and stat tracking still need a bit of work. While some of the metrics could be useful, there is a lack of organization to use this data effectively.

For example, rep counting and weight tracking (to determine overall volume completed) could be very useful metrics to have. However, since the workouts are not tracked by movement, the rep counting can be off and the metrics provide little insight.

The rep counting’s accuracy is dependent on movement. For some movements, I found it to be very accurate. For others, it would be not accurate at all, and for two-handed movements with dumbbells, twice the reps are counted. This is the case becauseJAXJOX does not account for which movements you are doing, so it does its best to guess. This could be improved a lot by tracking movements separately.

The weight volume tracking would also be improved dramatically by separating movements. Knowing that I did 100 reps and 10,000 pounds of work doesn’t help me in any meaningful way. Knowing how much I did on each movement or muscle group tells me a lot more and would give me information that I could actually use to adjust my program.

JAXJOX also gives you what they call your “Fitness IQ.” It was not very clear how this number is determined or what a good number is. All I know is that it says my IQ is relatively low. Since I have yet to figure out what it means, it may have a fair point.

JAXJOX Interactive Studio membership and classes

Upon purchasing the JAXJOX Interactive Studio, you are required to commit to a year of their membership, which costs $39 per month. Similar to most connected fitness services, up to six users can create an account with the same membership.

The available workouts are broken into several categories:

  • 360
  • Strong
  • Sweat
  • Restore
  • Skills

The new JAXJOX 360 classes will likely be the favorite for most. These classes are each 45 minutes long and provide a nice mix of strength, conditioning, and mobility. Most of the 360 classes also use a variety of equipment which is one of the best parts of having the JAXJOX Studio.

The categories like Strong and Sweat focus more on strength or conditioning, respectively, and have a wider variety of class lengths. The Restore category is a mix of mobility and yoga classes. Finally, the Skills category features a series of short educational classes focused on helping you learn various movements.

The classes are well put together, and the coaches here are pretty good. There is also a fairly large amount of content here, although it is hard to sort through. Since classes do not have release dates, it is hard to tell when new ones are added. There is also no description for each class, so you won’t have any idea what movements you will be doing before starting.

If you just want to do your own thing but still have your workout tracked, you can do that as well. There is a camera option on this mode so you can see yourself while you work out. However, the camera included is of pretty poor quality, so you are better off using a mirror instead.

Live classes and programs

The JAXJOX membership also includes daily live classes. There are usually two per day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. However, since the instructors don’t mention anybody in the class and there is no roster or leader board to be seen, I don’t see the point of the live classes.

They feel the same as an on-demand class. The only real difference that I’ve found is that because it’s live, it requires faster internet to keep a good connection.

In terms of programs, JAXJOX does shine a bit here with a decent number of well-thought-out training plans. Many of these include four or more weekly sessions spanning over a month. There’s obviously been a lot of work and effort into developing all of this.

JAXJOX Interactive Studio vs Tempo Studio

The JAXJOX Interactive Studio is most comparable to the Tempo Studio. Both are similar in price (both are approximately $2,500), feature large screens, come with a variety of fitness equipment, and can track your reps.

The benefits of JAXJOX over Tempo are:

  • Changing weights is automatic and much faster
  • Much more equipment is included (Tempo only includes dumbbells and a workout mat)
  • More movement variety per class (they often mix dumbbells with kettlebells)
  • Rotating 4K screen

The benefits of Tempo over JAXJOX are:

  • More accurate rep tracking and form feedback
  • Weight tracking per movement and weight recommendations
  • More variety in content (barbell training, boxing, etc.)
  • Classes show you exactly what you’ll be doing in them
  • Live classes are interactive with the coach and leader boards

*Use JAXJOX Interactive Studio Discount Code “CTW250” for $250 off!

Connect The Watts’ Take

The JAXJOX Interactive Studio definitely provides a lot of value here. There is a lot of high-quality equipment provided and to have it all interconnect is great. Being able to adjust the weights so quickly gives the classes a lot of options to work with.

I am not a huge fan of how they track metrics or how everything is organized, but I am hopeful that they can improve this over time with firmware updates. There is a lot of potential here, and I hope to see JAXJOX meet that potential sooner than later.

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