Taking on the Metaverse’s greatest fitness challenge [Video]

It had been a while since I last put on my Meta Quest VR headset to workout, so when I saw a trailer for Supernatural’s new “Beast Challenge”, I felt it was time to jump back in. Could I take on the greatest fitness challenge in the Metaverse?

The Supernatural “Beast Challenge” consists of nine difficult workouts designed to be taken over a period of five days. Mixing together some of their toughest flow and boxing workouts, this totals up to over three hours of high intensity action.

So to make the challenge greater, I decided to take it all on… in one single session!

Here is the video of my experience:

For those who want to also take on this challenge and see how they fare, I’ve posted my scores for each of the nine workouts below.

Supernatural Beast Mode Challenge Scores:

  • “Can-Can” – 719 pts (Triple Plat)
  • “Fast Feet Elite” – 980 pts (Double Plat)
  • “Get Back Stare” – 453 pts (Plat)
  • “Feel The Burn” – 887 pts (Plat)
  • “Scary Monsters” – 1479 pts (Double Plat)
  • “Pros Only – Glutacious” – 353 pts (Diamond)
  • “Let It Pop” – 387 pts (Double Plat)
  • “Sensational” – 399 pts (Double Plat)
  • “Pros Only Party” – 2269 pts (Triple Plat)

Best of luck to all of you willing to take on the Metaverse’s greatest fitness challenge yet!

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