Meta Quest fogging up? Try this simple fix! [video]


If you have already tried working out in VR with a Meta Quest (previously named Oculus Quest), you probably already know one of the biggest issues. Once you start to workup a sweat, it doesn’t take long before the lens fog up.

But don’t despair, there is a simple fix!

Of course, the Meta Quest fogging up isn’t just an issue for those trying to workout. Since most VR games require movement, it is inevitable that your body and face will eventually heat up. Once it does, the change in temperature alongside minimal airflow to the lens makes lens fogging hard to avoid.

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There are numerous solutions to this:
(Warning: not of all the methods have been approved by Meta, so proceed at your own risk.)

  • Additional accessories to allow for more air flow or cooling
  • Pre-warming your lens’ with a hair dryer
  • Using anti-fog spray
  • Some even drill holes into the Meta Quest to improve airflow

But the simplest and most effective fix that I have found is to just use dish soap.

Simply wipe a small drop of dish soap on your lens, then wipe the soap off. With this easy method, I have found almost no lens fogging during my workouts. I have also found this to work for multiple sessions, which means I only really do this once every week or so.

Again, this method is not suggested by Meta, so please proceed at your own risk.

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