13 must-have accessories for your new Peloton Guide

Buy a new Peloton Guide? Here are 13 of the best accessories to help you get the best results possible. This list includes dumbbells, workout mats, fans, and other essentials to go along with your new best friend!


NordicTrack iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells

To get the most out of your Peloton Guide workouts, you will need a set of dumbbells. Adjustable dumbbells, like the NordicTrack iSelects, are the most cost and space-efficient. These dumbbells can be adjusted from 5-50lbs.

The biggest problem with adjustable dumbbells is that changing weights takes time you may not have in a rapidly moving Peloton class.

This is what makes the NordicTrack iSelects the best option. With these dumbbells being digitally adjusted with a dial, changing weights can be done in less than one second!

Rogue Dumbbells

If you want to purchase free weights, you may be tempted by those sold by Peloton. However, these are only available up to 30lbs. To get a more complete set, we suggest looking into Rogue’s dumbbells.

Rogue dumbbells are the most popular among home fitness enthusiasts because of their extremely high quality. I have rogue dumbbells that are almost 10 years old that still look and feel great.

Workout mat

Peloton Reversible Workout Mat

You will probably want a good workout mat to catch your sweat and provide some cushion for floor exercises like pushups. The 26″ x 71″ reversible workout mat Peloton sells is a very nice option.

Sensu Large Exercise Mat

The Sense mat is another good option if you want a mat with more space and some additional padding. This 48″x 72″ mat has an extra think 8.5mm cushion. This cushion feels especially nice during exercises requiring you to drop your knees to the floor.

Heart rate monitor

Peloton Heart Rate Band

For those of you who like data, you will want to have a compatible heart rate monitor to use with the Peloton Guide. Unfortunately, as of now, it seems that most heart rate straps are not compatible, including:

  • Apple Watch 
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 
  • Garmin Smartwatches
  • HRM DualFossil Smartwatches 
  • FitBit Devices 
  • Scosche Rhythm+, Rhythm 2.0, & Rhythm 23
  • Wahoo Tickr X, Tickr Fit

Many other heart rate straps (like the WHOOP) which are compatible, seem to have connection issues with the Peloton Guide. The one heart rate monitor that seems to have no problem: Peloton’s heart rate strap.

Watch Link USB (for Apple Watch)

If you would like to pair an Apple Watch with the Peloton Guide, you may want to consider the USB Watch Link. This small pod connects your Apple Watch to the Guide and any exercise equipment that reads ANT+ or BLE heart rate monitors.

This includes all Peloton devices as well as NordicTrack, Hydrow, and many others. The Watch Link is very useful, so you never have to worry about which devices are or are not compatible.

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Lasko 20″ High Velocity QuickMount

When the workouts get tough (and they do), you will want a fan nearby to cool you down. The Lasko 20″ High Velocity QuickMount is one of my favorites.

It packs a lot of power for those who like to have a strong fan. Be aware though, that it can be a bit loud for home use.

Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan

The Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan is not nearly as powerful, but it still does a good job. Just as importantly, it is a lot quieter. It also looks pretty nice in a room and takes up less space with the vertical design.

Recovery Tools

Hypervolt Go 2 massage gun

Weight training will make you sore, it’s unavoidable. Though Hyperice’s new Hypervolt Go 2 can definitely help you recover more quickly, this improved version has a more ergonomic handle, LED speed sensors, and back button control. All these upgrades make it much more manageable to use on yourself post-workout.

Amazon Basics High-Density Round Foam Roller

The most common recovery accessory in a home gym is probably the foam roller. That is for good reason; they’re inexpensive and effective. Amazon’s house brand offers a variety of sizes in a quality dense foam.

Within the Peloton classes library, there are foam rolling focused stretching classes. Follow up your strength class with a foam rolling class and have the Peloton Guide lead you through workout and recovery.


On top of mindful whole food nutrition, adding a small selection of supplements to your diet can help you perform and recover better when strength training.

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Prestige Labs Pre Step 1 & 2

This pre-workout mix includes B vitamins and amino acids to enhance focus and endurance.

The best part is that Prestige Labs separated the caffeine into a separate bottle (Pre Step 2) so that you can add as much or as little as you personally prefer.

Prestige Labs Intra

Pre and post-workout nutrition tend to get the most focus. Equally important but too often overlooked is what to have on hand during your workout. Intra is a sodium, potassium, and amino drink that helps muscles endure and avoid cramping.

Prestige Labs Protein Blend

A workout intense in its duration or effort requires refueling. After a workout, a protein shake is a simple way to get your necessary protein. Depending on your dietary needs, it can be mixed with milk for more calories, juice for carbohydrates, or water. The flavors also help to satisfy sweet cravings.

We hope this list helps you get the most out of the Peloton Guide. See you on the leaderboard!

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